The 12 best club venues in Prague right now

Over the years, Prague's night clubs have transformed from 90s holdovers into sleek bastions of hipster cool

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 17.08.2020 13:10:00 (updated on 19.09.2020) Reading time: 7 minutes

Ed note: While these opening times were accurate at the time of publication, due to the current coronavirus measures, we recommend verifying all information before your visit while also complying with hygiene measures for individual venues or if the epidemiological situation calls for it, staying home.

Prague has a lot to offer when it comes to mid-size club venues. In the past, your choice of venue was dictated by your preferred genre which then influenced the potential clientele. Today we find the mix and match style of promoters/club owners, where genre clashing and blending means a more diverse mix of clubbers with more choices in different locations.

Photo via Chapeau rouge / Facebook

Jakubská 2, 110 00 Staré Město

The well-established venue/bar and nightclub has long been the cornerstone of Prague nightlife. Its origins date back to 1919 wartime Czechoslovakia when soldiers would frequent the venue for all variety of vices and activity. Today Chapeau treads the fine line between commercial tourist trap and underground haunt. You’ll find a carefully curated program with relatively unknown quality performers and/or DJs booked alongside local promoters and bands spread over its ground & two lower floors. I’d advise always checking the event program published online before visiting. Or just take the plunge and head out! Pretty normal pricing for drinks (considering the occasional touristy-crowd and its central location).

Photo via Ankali / Facebook

Lopuchová 58/6
101 00, Prague 10

Prague 10’s secret gem hidden amongst the several industrial workspaces that run along Vršovičká’s botič river Ankali is possibly the most club-like club from the city’s list of hopefuls. This low key space possesses all the right characteristics for a quality night club. Low lighting, underground setting, unassuming from the outside with a cavernous interior, great sound system with ample bar and strict no-photos policy. Offering an eclectic line up with genres spanning from techno to rap. With the cool clientele and thumping sound system, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that you’re deep in the heart of Vršo. The city needs more places like Ankali. Word of mouth promotion, minimalistic interior with good sounds, and just enough space to call a dance floor. A great location!

Photo via Swim / Facebook

Štěpánská 36, Praha 1

Centrally located Swim manages to avoid the passing custom by masquerading as a restaurant/cafe. Beneath the ground floor’s calm cafe exterior lays a quirky club space. The tile and chrome interior design with elevated “DJ booth” and sunken dance floor (in-keeping with its name) look great but occasionally work against the classic night club requirements & expectations. The sunken-titled dance floor can have negative acoustic effects on the venue if there are few attendees the high number of steps that lead to the dance-floor can be equally problematic when the club is full. That said, Swim has a great vibe, with a well-planned program of events including quality DJs from around the world. It can provide a chill environment with its minimalistic design and layout or can be a hot and busy sweatbox pounding out bass. A multi-functional space with huge potential!

Photo via Futurum Music Bar/ Facebook

Zborovská 82/7, 150 00, Smíchov, Praha 5

Set in the bowels of the former art nouveau restaurant, located in the city’s bustling Anděl neighborhood we find Futurum with its 90s interior, eclectic line-up and booming sound-system which have have been providing the city with hit & miss events. Under the same management as Lucerna Music Bar and following a similar style in programming with everything from rock, rap and 80s & 90s cheese on offer. The crowd are as varied as the line-up groups of tourists, locals, music lovers and casual weekend revelers mix and make use of the spacious dance floor area. The quality sound system can be over-powering in the ageing subterranean club though this does little to dampen the upbeat vibes for the majority of clubbers.

Photo via Storm Club/ Facebook

Tachovské nám. 290/5, 130 00, Žižkov, Praha

Tucked away off Koněvova at the foot of Vítkov Hill is Žižkov’s home of drum & bass, psytrance and electronic music with close connections to the popular “Let it Roll” festival,  Storm Club has held all manner of legends and upstarts with reasonable entry fees and drink prices with a heavy Funktion-One sound system for the all important sound quality and apparent non slip floors for those wanting to throw shapes on the ample dance floor. The venue’s non-stop rosta of DJs from both yesteryear & the contemporary scene attract a mixed age group audience with different requirements. I visited and been surrounded by excited youngsters full of energy (drinks) and wide-eyed hyper-activity which had me feeling like the slow moving chaperone. That said the environment is usually upbeat and peaceful.

Photo via Vklova26/ Facebook

Vlkova 699, 130 00 Žižkov, Praha 3

Ruff and ready in heart he heart of Žižkov, Vlkova ticks a lot of boxes. The cozy and intimate venue with a well-stocked bar hosts a number of local and occasional international DJs playing a mixed bag of genres. Sound quality can be hit & miss, though changes with the in-house sound system have apparently solved any issues previously experienced. The club’s residential location can cause problems with the neighbors, don’t be surprised if you clock uniformed officers requesting identification and reduction of sound levels in the small hours! Plenty of low-lit seating with a wide range of cocktails. A great hood-spot!

Photo via Club 007 Strahov/ Facebook

Chaloupeckého 1915/7, 169 00 Břevno, Praha 6

One of the OG venues and one of Prague’s longest-serving music clubs. Though, these days more of a venue than an actual club. Housed in the basement of block 7 of the CTU Dormitory, opening its doors for the first time back in 1969. Untouched by time, the trademark club space with one-step stage and bamboo clad walls & DJ booth are perfectly suited in this underground space for the underground bands, DJs and producers that have graced the well-trodden stage. Beers, ciders and spirits at good prices with a booming sound system. The venue is only
open for events. So don’t just turn up expecting to rave. Be sure to check the regularly updated website for forthcoming events. Punk, ska, rockabilly, electrowave, rap and much, much more await.

Photo via Meet factory/ Facebook

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, 150 00, Smíchov Praha 5

The largest of the mid-size venues listed. In recent years the well established multi-functional space has hosted a number of high profile performers alongside the cream of the domestic crop. It’s isolated Smíchov location means its powerful sound system knows no limits. It’s possible to catch some great events with a healthy mix of genres and styles. Excellent visuals and lighting usually accompany the DJ sets, MCs and bands that perform. Pricey entry is to be expected for the quality names they book. Efficient & attentive bar staff with a well-stocked, reasonably priced bar. A larger space though often managing to maintain that all-important small club, sweatbox atmosphere when full to capacity.

Photo via Wildt/ Facebook

Dukelských Hrdinů 770/53, Praha 7

Clubbing with a holistic twist. Chilled environment in the Prague 7 neighborhood boasting a great sound system and cozy atmosphere. Wildt host events from deep and soulful house, dub and techno, garage and more. Friendly staff serves a wide selection of beers and cocktails. Wildt has a great outside terrace space which gets a lot of use in the summer months’ outdoor events.

Photo via U Bukanyra/ Facebook

Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1, 110 00 Nové Město, Praha 1

International DJs from Prague and beyond offer a range of events through the residency positions. House, drum & bass, jersey club techno, and 90s jams await on-board the centrally moored club boat. Great sound system with a great atmosphere with clubbers soaking up the action until late into the night. Reasonably priced drinks with a spacious terrace. A long-serving venue that continues to pack a punch.

Photo via Fuchs/ Facebook

Štvanice 170 00, 170 00 Praha 7

Located on Chase Island in the center of Prague, Fuchs 2 is a mid-size venue (800 capacity) with an adventurously curated program and interior. Hit the island for contemporary club music, live concerts and performing arts. Chilled staff and outside area (no neighbors!) make this a great summertime location.

Photo via Luft/ Facebook

56 Kamenická 56, Prague 7

The coziest of spaces where the contemporary quality have made their home. More of a bar than a club, but definitely worth a notable mention. Hear the sounds of the city’s finest electronic curators and selectors in the intimate setting. One of the lesser-known gems in the city that’s going from strength to strength. Head to their Facebook page to stream previous events to whet your appetite. A must for the purist wanting to meet and mix with the scene.

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