Trends in Plastic Surgery

Perfect Clinic looks at patient comfort & safety Staff

Written by Staff Published on 10.09.2010 13:10:01 (updated on 10.09.2010) Reading time: 2 minutes

Even though aesthetic plastic surgery does not involve any life-saving operations, it is still extremely important to ensure the patient´s safety and to avoid any unnecessary risks in the operating room. Most of the surgeries are carried out under full anaesthesia and the pre- as well as post-operative care has the same high standard of quality as any other surgery; perhaps even greater since the psyche plays a significant part in aesthetic surgeries.

Leading world plastic surgery clinics are aware of this trend and they strictly regulate their services by it. In our country, patients expect the same high level of health care but it is true that they may not get it everywhere. Therefore, when choosing a plastic surgery clinic, it is important to know its background, options available and the services offered. Only a few people know that for instance the possibility of monitoring basic life functions immediately after the surgery pays a fundamental role in cases of postoperative complications because the safety of the patient depends on sufficient and timely help. Similarly, constant doctor and medical staff supervision also helps ensure that complications are avoided because they can respond quickly when needed. In this sense, our most up-to-date clinic is the Perfect Clinic in Prague on Kartouzska Street, that, besides the resources mentioned above, has its own team of anaesthetists, and the monitoring of rooms is extended even beyond the post-operative unit.  

Regarding the services provided for clients of plastic surgery, the demands in this field have also increased.  A clinic with a good reputation is not afraid to use the word “comfort” in connection with the care provided. This, along with providing sufficient information to the clients, also includes the design of the clinic, its atmosphere, the willingness and helpfulness of the experienced staff as well as such special features  as á la carte meals, trendy hospital linens and gowns as well as comfortable on-site parking.

“We welcome the collaboration with specialists from other fields,” jokes the head physician of the Perfect Clinic, M.D. Roman Kufa, when talking about the innovations. However, he immediately states more seriously: “We  manage to solve more issues at one go.”

For instance, the patients who are interested in nose surgeries often come with two problems at the same time – the aesthetic and the medical. i.e. besides the crookedness of the nose they also experience deviations of the nasal septum. Traditional medical practice cannot solve the aesthetic and medical issue at the same time, and the client must first undergo the procedure at the ENT clinic and then afterwards can continue with the plastic surgery at the plastic surgery department. Because there is an ENT specialist directly in the operating room, we can solve both issues at one time. It is a great relief for the patient in terms of the physical, mental and of course financial burden.

Another benefit of the Perfect Clinic is its cooperation with another specialist- the maxillofacial surgeon. According to the head physician, they can now easily solve some serious defects of the face with the help of the maxillofacial specialists.


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