Orlando Bloom named brand ambassador for Prague's Staropramen beer

The actor says he fell in love with the city while he was here filming Carnival Row.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 10.05.2023 10:23:00 (updated on 10.05.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Actor Orlando Bloom is the new brand ambassador for Staropramen beer, which is brewed in Prague and exported worldwide.

Bloom is no stranger to the Golden City. He was here for the filming of the TV series Carnival Row from the end of 2017 until 2021, with several breaks. More recently, in his role as a UN goodwill ambassador, Bloom met with Czech President Petr Pavel in Prague at the end of March to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Bloom will be featured in a new TV ad for Staropramen along with a digital and social media campaign that will be seen in Europe and the UK this year. The Staropramen brand has been owned by the Canadian-American brewery group Molson Coors since 2013 and is one of its premium labels.

The new ad is set in Prague and features Bloom explaining his links to the city, and how its beer culture emerged. Bloom journeys through some of the city’s most notable locations as well as terraces and underground tunnels before attempting to discover the secrets of Prague’s most famous beer at the Staropramen brewery, a press release states.

“I fell in love with Prague when I lived and worked there for a few years,” Bloom said.

“It’s a wonderful city filled with amazing people, but they’re a tough crowd to please when it comes to beer. Staropramen has been catering to this discerning audience for well over a century, which tells you just how good it is,” he added.

He also said that he’s happy to represent a quality product like Staropramen. “I think it’s important to partner with brands that practice what they preach. The team at Staropramen talk about quality and expertise a lot and, when it comes down to it, this is a great-tasting beer, brewed by some incredibly talented people,” he said.

Highlighting Prague as center for beer experts

The TV spot featuring Bloom was filmed in Prague and is the next phase of Staropramen’s Brewed by Experts for Experts campaign, which was launched in 2022.

The campaign focuses on Staropramen’s history of serving beer connoisseurs in what many consider the beer capital of the world and tries to make the brand synonymous with brewing expertise, according to Debbie Mack, beer brands director for Molson Coors’ European, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific division.

“Prague is home to some of the world’s finest expert brewers and is one of the most discerning and hard-to-please beer cultures in the world,” Mack said.

Molson Coors pushing to expand Staropramen's reach

Molson Coors is making its biggest investment ever in the brand to fuel international growth, Mack said. Staropramen is a key element of Molson Coors’ overall international growth strategy.

“Staropramen’s brand is all about celebrating world-class expertise,” Mack says. “Who better to represent this than a globally recognized acting talent like Orlando?”

She added that Bloom is the perfect partner for Staropramen. “He is a master of his trade, just like our brew masters, and has a special affinity with Prague having lived and worked there for several years,” Mack said.

The campaign and the partnership with Bloom, Mack says, are “a celebration of Staropramen’s birthplace and the beer’s relationship with those who appreciate expertise.”

Staropramen is brewed in Prague’s Smíchov district in the second-largest brewery in the Czech Republic. The brand also operates a second brewery in Ostrava.

Construction on the Prague brewery began in 1869 and the first beer was made in 1871. The brand name, which means “old spring” became a registered trademark in 1911. Staropramen’s two breweries now make over 3 million hectoliters per year. The brand’s beers are available in 35 countries.

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