Prague-based language teacher: 'Learning Czech can open up a whole new world'

While many language schools are aimed at teaching Czech students, Language Atelier is focused on teaching foreigners a variety of languages.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 29.09.2021 16:04:00 (updated on 07.12.2021) Reading time: 4 minutes

With most language schools in Prague geared toward teaching Czech students a foreign language, learning Czech and other languages can prove difficult for foreigners living in the Czech capital.

While some schools accept foreigners for courses in languages other than Czech, it's often more of an afterthought, and the lessons aren’t necessarily tailored for them, says Language Atelier’s director Lorenzo. His school takes a different approach by organizing language courses that focus on the specific needs of expat students.

Almost all our professional and experienced teachers are native speakers, and all of them are able to explain things to students in fluent English or other languages such as Spanish or Italian."

He goes on to say that schools that offer language courses mainly for a Czech audience often teach the classes entirely in Czech or in the best case, the teacher gives explanations both in Czech and in English, which may be not ideal for some students and can also be time-consuming.

Besides the fixed course offer for various levels of the most requested languages -- not only Czech, but also German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and more, Language Atelier can also create tailor-made group courses based on a students' requests or particular needs.

“If one potential student can’t find the course he/she is looking for listed on the schedule on our website, they can explain to us the details of the course they are looking for, language, level, and time availability, etc. We will do our best to arrange the right course for him or her in the requested time slot," said Lorenzo.

Language Atelier's tailor-made group courses consist of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 students, he adds. "That's something that makes our school unique and particularly expat-friendly.”

Hosting a maximum of five students helps make the classes more engaging and guarantees an efficient learning experience, allowing the student more chances to interact with the teacher and their classmates and to have more time to practice speaking during the class.

“Our courses combine the communicative approach with grammar, learning, and practicing. These are done in an interactive way, for example, through games, situational simulations, dialogues, and alternating various activities. All of this is in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere,” Lorenzo said.

The school's classes are conveniently located in Prague's historical center, not far from Old Town Square.

Language Atelier offers a wide lineup of Czech courses for all levels

For expats living in the Czech Republic, learning the Czech language helps to open up more of what the country has to offer. People may also want to learn other popular languages for a variety of reasons, ranging from work to cultural interest.

Reasons for learning Czech go beyond having to pass obligatory tests now required for residency said Lorenzo. It's also important for a person to know the language in order to integrate into Czech society. While some level of English is found in restaurants and shops, especially in city centers, there is a whole world of culture that can open up for people who learn the language.

Lorenzo believes that even at beginner levels, people can see a dramatic improvement.

“It can sometimes happen that you’re disappointed by the response from local people. Many times it’s because they get stressed realizing that you don’t speak Czech, so they don’t know how to communicate with you, especially if their English is poor,” he said.

He believes that if locals see that you’re at least trying, they often become kinder and more willing to listen and help.

Learning the Czech language makes life in the Czech Republic easier

“You have a job in this country, you’ve been living here for a long time, but you still get frustrated if you can’t understand what people around you are saying? Then learning or improving your Czech skills is all you need. Learning the Czech language will not only make your life in the Czech Republic easier, but it will also help you to better understand the Czechs, their culture, and what’s happening around you,” he said.

Learning other languages, aside from Czech, has many benefits. It keeps your brain trained and awake, enhancing your focus and stimulating your creativity. In a multi-cultural city such as Prague you will also be able to communicate with native speakers from other countries, and immerse yourself in the culture of a country you are interested in or perhaps even plan to move to.

Lorenzo advises those who are currently learning a language to set goals like reading your favorite authors in the original or understanding films without subtitles to give yourself motivation. He said that once you’ve reached the goal, you will also achieve satisfaction and improve your self-confidence.

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