Kids Halloween Party Oct 30th 2010

Halloween party for kids on Oct 30th 2010 Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 15.10.2010 23:05:00 (updated on 21.03.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes



Due to limited spaces, this event is now fully booked  

This event was conceived when the ladies of and asked each other “What’s going on for Halloween?” and the answer was “Not Much!”

Halloween is a great holiday for kids – costumes, candy and spooky stuff – what’s not to love? But trick-or-treating is scarce in Prague, and many of the costumes kids want to wear are unsuitable for the outdoor temperatures of late October. So we decided to join forces and throw an indoor party with fun and games! And everyone is invited.

Luckily, our friends at Belushi’s at Mosaic House are willing to host this ambitious affair. This newly opened hotel already has Frankenstein-green couches and Gothic black lace lamps – the perfect decor. They also have a stage, which we’ll use for games and contests; a quiet area where kids can sit and do crafts projects; and a carpeted area enclosed by glass walls – perfect for a babysitting room. But because we want to throw a fun, comfortable and safe party, even with all this space, we must limit it to 40 children, plus their parents.

Since space is limited, you must pre-register to enter. Send an email to starting Monday, October 18th. Once you do you will be notified as to whether you made it before the cut off point, or not. If this event goes well, we can do something even bigger next year. But for this to go well, it is absolutely crucial that parents who bring their children are committed to supervising them throughout the event. We have activities planned, but please attend to your children to assure their safety and good behavior.

This is a non-profit initiative.

The 200 CZK.- entrance fee per child will cover (we hope!) the cost of balloons, candy, decorations, prizes and staffing. A family with three children can come in for a discount of 500.- This party is recommended for children age 4 – 10. Children under the age of 2 get in for free, but please, take advantage of the babysitting corner. We encourage you to leave the littlest ones with our babysitters so you can enjoy the event with your older children, and so the babies will be completely safe. The babysitting will cost only 50 CZK for three hours.


Here’s what you can expect at our party:

  • A costume/talent competition hosted by Stage Stars
    Prizes are awarded not to children with the best looking costumes, but those who do the best job bringing their costume to life.
  • Crafts station
    Children can make jack-o-lantern lanterns, jack-o-lantern balloons, ghost lollipops, decorate cookies and make candy necklaces.
  • Halloween themed games
    Balance on the Spider Web and Flight of the Witches relay run, limbo for candy, and a conga line.
  • Video Dance Party
    Visuals of Meg & Mog will be projected and the playlist of girl-positive power-pop will make you want to dance.
  • Professional babysitting
    Provided in a safe, comfortable room on site.
  • Refreshments
    Severed finger cookies, juice and blood-red punch will be provided for children
  • Food and Drink
    Belushi’s is famous for their burgers, sandwiches and their bar. You are welcome to place orders for lunch or whatever else during the event. Obviously, the 200.- doesn’t cover food and drink, except for a few snacks and candy. But go ahead and come hungry for lunch – you will not be disappointed.
  • Ghosty Gift Bags
    Each child will get a small bundle of surprise when leaving.

Want to get involved?
With a little help we can keep costs down and get more candy to go around. Candy donations are very welcome! You Americans out there know how much we kick down for candy to hand out to the kiddies, right? So if you want to contribute to the kids candy fest you are most welcome to drop treats off either at Mosaic House or the office anytime. We promise we won’t touch it! Licorice ropes like they sell at IKEA are good for the necklace project. If anyone wants to dress up and do balloons on the day, that would save thousands as well. ALSO -if you have any used glass jars from jam and such, we could really use them for the lantern project. Got little toys for the gift bags? We’ll take them – and gladly.

Parents who come: please don’t be shy to dress up, too. We are!

Best Regards and Hope to See You There!
Eva, Darina, Larissa & Karen

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