Café review: Kavárna Pod Lipami

‘I say Lime, you say Linden’

Helen Ford

Written by Helen Ford Published on 11.07.2012 09:43:34 (updated on 11.07.2012) Reading time: 3 minutes


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Every now and then, Google Translate teaches me not only new words in Czech language, but also in English, or specifically, the differences between British and American English. I am always interested in the genesis of the names of the cafes I frequent, and wanted to learn the meaning of ‘Lipami’ in Prague 7’s Kavárna Pod Lipami. Google told me it meant ‘linden’. What pray, is a linden? I thought. Returning to my more traditional (British-published) paper dictionary, the translation was ‘lime tree’. Further investigation revealed that linden and lime trees are the same species, (Tilia in Latin, if you’re interested), from different sides of the pond.

Kavarna Pod Lipami, on wide, leafy Čechova is indeed under linden/lime trees. On my first visit I sat inside. The interior is refreshingly cool on a warm day, with a white tiled floor, dark wood furniture, massive low hanging lights, and a massive blackboard menu covering the whole of one wall – a good range of coffees and teas is offered.
On the tables were small menu cards explaining different types of coffee, and I noticed that they were the same as those supplied in MamaCoffee stores. Looking at the blackboard, I noticed that the coffee blend was also MamaCoffee. It was only when the Columbian blend (50 CZK per caffertierre) I ordered arrived with a MamaCoffee branded cup and saucer that the penny dropped: This is a branch of MamaCoffee!

My second visit was on a scorching hot day, and I sat outside in front of the café. Whilst the linden/lime trees offered well needed shade, they could not quench my thirst and I happily ordered the summer special fresh mint lemonade. It arrived in a tall half-litre carafe, stuffed with plenty of mint, lemon and ice. It was refreshing, although perhaps a touch too watery.

Pod Lipami’s food menu was rather limited on both my visits. The mozzarella and tomato panini (73 CZK) I tried was fine, but a far cry from the wonderful quiches, pasta, salads, and cakes offered at some other branches (especially Vodičkova).

I am a huge supporter of MamaCoffee in Prague. The owners work hard to combine Fair Trade principles with quality. For instance, they import coffee beans directly from their farmers ‘green’, and only roast them in small amounts, close to Prague, to prevent the coffee losing its freshness before it makes it to the cup. Pod Lipami shares this focus and their coffees are high quality.

There are some points Pod Lipami need to work on though; whilst the interior is generally very pleasant, there are signs that a little more love is needed: When I visited, my milk jug was cracked, I noticed that some of the fabric seat covers needed cleaning, and several of the plants on the window sill looked in need of a good drink. I love to see fresh plants rather than cut flowers in restaurants and cafes, but dried-out wilting plants are depressing.
Kavárna Pod Lipami is a promising café with excellent coffee, but there is certainly room for improvement.

Kavárna Pod lipami
Čechova 1
17000 Praha 7

Brand of coffee – MamaCoffee
Wi-fi – Yes
Smoking– Outside only
Serves food – Yes 

Café review: Kavárna Pod Lipami

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