Scott Cohen Certified Nutritionist

Scott Cohen Certified Nutritionist

Marakova 8, Prague, 16000

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Welcome to Kitchen Therapy
with Scott Cohen
Certified Nutritional & Health Consultant

Coaching sessions take place online or in person if you are in Prague.

I work with clients to reverse obesity, type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, auto immune diseases, digestive and metabolic issues by first identifying the root causes, and then targeting them with a personalized plan of attack specific to each person's situation.

Together with my clients I work to achieve optimal gut health through nutrition, diet, eating patterns & good habits. In time they discover that a healthy gut keeps other illnesses away.

We work on developing new skills, tools & rules for making better eating choices. They're often not what people have been telling us all our lives!

And I give them insights into which foods & cooking methods dramatically decrease the risk of serious disease and increase their chances of living longer and healthier.

I also explain the pros and cons of specialty diets like Keto or Paleo and techniques like intermittent fasting & how they can (or can't) help people achieve their goals.

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