In the Czech kitchen: Make meatloaf for Sunday lunch and sandwiches later

The chefs at Prague pub Lokál shared their tips with us for recreating the perfect "sekaná" a staple of Sunday lunch tables throughout Czechia.


Written by Ambiente Published on 16.03.2024 17:00:00 (updated on 16.03.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The key to making a tender, juicy meatloaf is to grind the meat like the chefs at Prague pub Lokál, who shared their tips with us for recreating the perfect "sekaná" at home. Sit down to a Sunday meal of meatloaf, then use the leftovers to make sandwiches with crusty bread, mustard, and pickles, the Czech way!


  • 2½ bread rolls or buns
  • 125 ml milk or meat stock
  • 200 g onion finely chopped
  • 40 g chopped garlic
  • 20 g bacon or fatty smoked meat
  • 100 g of rendered lard
  • 300 g pork shoulder
  • 300 g pork belly (fattier part)
  • 100 g pork neck
  • 400 g beef neck
  • 3 eggs
  • Pork caul (see note)
  • Salt, ground black pepper, crushed caraway, and marjoram to taste.

chef's tip

Those not accustomed to cooking with pork caul, the thin membrane that surrounds the internal organs of some animals and is used in the preparation of sausages and roulades, could substitute a cheesecloth basted in lard or other fat or thin strips of bacon to wap around the meatloaf before baking.


  • 1.Cut the bread into cubes. Soak half of in the milk or broth.
  • 2.Fry half the onion, garlic, bacon, or fatty smoked meat in lard and let cool.
  • 3.Cut all the meat into smaller cubes. Mix the pork with the cooled mixture and the soaked buns.
  • 4.Grind the meat coarsely, and the beef neck finely. Mix with the remaining bread cubes and the eggs and season.
  • 5.Shape the mixture into a log and wrap it in pork caul. Place it in a baking dish with a half inch of water.
  • 6.Bake in an oven preheated to 180°C for 80-90 minutes.
  • 7.Cut the finished meatloaf into slices and serve with boiled or mashed potatoes or potato salad.

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