Glitch fixed: Banking identity now available to foreigners in Czechia

A systemic flaw meant that EU residents were unable to obtain a Bank iD, whereas non-EU citizens could do so. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 01.08.2023 16:15:00 (updated on 01.08.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Foreigners residing in Czechia, including those from EU countries, can now obtain a bank identity (Bank iD), allowing them easy access to online services provided by the state and companies.

The Czech authorities have resolved the complication that prevented foreigners, especially those from the EU, from receiving electronically readable documents. This change opens up the Bank iD service to approximately 600,000 potential users, according to Bankovní identita, a joint venture of nine banks.

Various, convenient uses

A Bank iD can be used to sign in to your data box, log into the portal of the Czech Social Security Administration as well as the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, communicate with insurance companies, and even do online shopping.

Using your Bank iD, you can securely log in to the portals of various companies and state administrative bodies as easily as you would for internet banking. The official website, with instructions on how to obtain one and the uses of a Bank iD, has an English version.

Previously, foreigners from EU countries faced difficulties as they received documents without a machine-readable zone, unlike foreigners from non-EU countries. This meant that banks could not use the standard identification process for them, Pení writes.

However, the Directorate of the Foreign Police Service has now added the necessary data on foreigners with Czech documents lacking a machine-readable zone to the register of residents.

As a result, banks can remotely verify these clients in the register and issue them bank identities. Moneta and Fio are the first two banks to start remotely issuing bank identities to foreigners from the EU with permanent or long-term residences in Czechia.

Banks that issue IDs

Other banks, such as Raiffeisenbank, are also preparing to offer this service in the near future. However, some banks, like ČSOB, have not yet announced a specific date for providing bank identities to foreigners from the EU.

expats explains

  • Foreigners residing in Czechia, including those from EU countries, can now obtain a bank identity.
  • The change allows for remote verification and issuance of bank identities by banks.
  • Moneta and Fio have already started issuing bank identities, while other banks are preparing to offer the service.
  • Over 3 million Czech citizens have already used the bank identity system.
  • The system is also expanding for online communication with private companies and may be used for other services like hospital client portals in the future.
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