ZEM Avant-Garde Czech Bistronomy

ZEM Avant-Garde Czech Bistronomy

Senovážné náměstí 976/32, Praha 1, 11000 Now closed - opens at 12:00

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ZEM is an avant-garde Czech bistro, juxtaposing the aesthetics of Prague's traditional coffee houses with 1920s retro-futuristic Czech art, literature and engineering. The menu is a creative blend of Czech produce with occasional hints of Japanese flavors, crafted from a theatrical kitchen stage of charcoal and steam.
Local ingredients coming from Moravia and Bohemia are crafted into modern versions of Czech comfort food through the art of bistronomy, using high-quality ingredients and natural flavors. Our menu also honors the influences of authentic Izakaya, Japanese meat dishes from the charcoal grill, and handmade dumplings from our steamers. We encourage you to taste delectable authentic reimaged dishes from over here (Moravia and Bohemia) and from over there, Japanese Izakaya food.

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