Meet the Czech developer breathing life into luxury properties in Prague

Developer and property manager TKC Group is the new incarnation of one of the most trusted names in the luxury real estate sector.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 20.02.2024 17:30:00 (updated on 20.02.2024) Reading time: 4 minutes

Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful and desirable cities to live in, boasting excellent quality of life and countless architectural gems. While the city is famous for its historic buildings and storied history, it’s also home to a thriving luxury property market, with old and new buildings fitted out to respond to modern innovations.

A major name in this segment for nearly two decades has been Empirent, a family-owned developer and property manager of over 200 furnished apartments in Prague. Operating since 2006, Empirent gained a strong reputation thanks to its detailed approach to interior design and property development, as well as its provision of high-end apartments to Prague’s long-term and short-term rental markets.

Empirent has now been rebranded to TKC Group; yet the company’s innovative approach to luxury property remains the same. As TKC Group pursues its current flagship renovation project on Prague’s Mánesova street in Vinohrady, spoke to the company about the Prague real estate market and TKC Group’s ambitious future plans

Mánesova 82

TKC Group’s extensive restoration of a historic building in Prague’s fashionable Vinohrady district, Mánesova 82, is representative of its sensitive approach to luxury real estate. Located close to some of the city’s most famous sites and parks, as well as Vinohrady’s wealth of trendy restaurants, cafes, and great schools, Mánesova 82 will bring to the market luxury spaces in a Prague district that’s famous for its high quality of life.

Vinohrady is one of the most lucrative and desirable districts not just in Prague, but in the world,” says Michaela Novotná, Sales Manager at TKC Group. “We want to breathe new life into this beautiful historic building and contribute to the special atmosphere experienced by all residents of Vinohrady.”

Built in 1911, Mánesova 82 will be brought into the modern age thanks to renovation works designed by a renowned architectural office. These include structural improvements, a loft extension, the addition of new balconies facing into the rear courtyard, the extension of the courtyard, and the addition of a lift.

The end result will be 17 modern apartments in sizes ranging from 2+1 to 5+1, with the largest apartment to be found in the loft extension. Apartments will come with a private terrace facing on to the improved inner courtyard and tasteful interior designs exuding understated elegance.

“This project is an example of one of our long-term goals – providing clients with a truly unique living experience,” explains Michaela.

The value of Prague

Vinohrady is renowned as one of Europe’s most desirable neighborhoods, and a similar statement could be made about Prague as a whole. The added value of Prague as a place to live is, according to Michaela, one of the main considerations for buyers and renters of luxury property in the city.

“Prague offers residents a wealth of amenities, varied cultural activities, and historical treasures. In addition, it has excellent transport links and a highly regarded healthcare system. The list of Prague’s plus-points is almost endless,” she says.

These factors and more, including excellent educational performance and good labor market conditions, make Prague the best place to live in Czechia, according to last year’s Místo pro život survey.

It’s no surprise, in this context, that expats seeking luxury living opportunities view Prague as a prime destination, as do expats looking to rent property while living abroad. According to Michaela, Prague’s success in creating great living conditions for foreigners “is proven by the fact that a significant proportion of our tenants are expats who have chosen Prague as their home.”

TKC Group offers a wide range of apartments for sale in prime city center locations, including options for buy-to-let investment arrangements. The company meanwhile manages two boutique hotels: the Old Royal Post in Prague’s Malá Strana, and the Oblik Resort, located outside Prague in the Central Bohemian Highlands. Last but not least, TKC offers many modern residencies for short-term rentals.

Long-term luxury rental properties offered by TKC Group can be found at prime Prague addresses in Vinohrady, Staré Město, Nové Město and Malá Strana.

TKC Group: New name, same values

According to Michaela, the rebranding of Empirent to TKC Group after many years of operations does not signify a change in its approach to luxury real estate or customer service; it’s a streamlining designed to assist current and potential clients.

“Our focus remains unchanged, but our portfolio now encompasses various activities and projects that we aim to consolidate and unify under a single brand,” she explains. “We believe this step will be beneficial not just for us, but also for our clients. They’ll find it easier to navigate through our entire range of activities and find the best offer for them.”

The TKC Group rebranding comes as a result of growth and an expanded range. This success is built upon relationships of trust; according to Michaela, “what’s crucial is providing a professional and personal approach, in which we emphasize an individual connection with our clients.”

This philosophy has made TKC Group a market leader as Prague continues to provide excellent value luxury real estate. Looking to the future, the company is set to deliver even more special opportunities for buying and renting beautiful homes in the Czech capital.

This article was written in cooperation with TKC Group . Read more about our partner content policies here.

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