Prague holds onto its crown as Czechia's most livable haven – do you agree?

The Czech capital was praised for its healthcare and education but needs to improve in environmental and security aspects. Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 16.06.2023 10:35:00 (updated on 16.06.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague has once again been named Czechia’s top region to live in, maintaining its position for another year, according to the Místo pro život (Place to Live) survey conducted by the company Communa. Following closely behind are the Hradec Králové and Vysočina regions. On the other hand, the Karlovy Vary region ranked last.

The capital city boasts exceptional healthcare and social care services, primarily attributed to having the highest number of doctors and dentists in the country. Additionally, Prague exhibits the lowest average sickness rate and the longest life expectancy among its residents.

The region excels in education, with renowned colleges and outstanding student performance in the Czech and mathematics secondary school final exams. Prague also has good infrastructure and labor market conditions, offering residents the highest average wages in Czechia.

However, Prague faces considerable challenges in terms of its environmental and security landscape. The capital has the lowest proportion of green space within its built-up areas and has the lowest rate of waste recycling nationwide. Additionally, Prague has the highest crime rate and lowest crime resolution rate. The region also contends with a high frequency of road accidents.

In the Hradec Králové region, the survey praised the region's superior healthcare and social services, as well as its wide array of leisure activities and hiking opportunities. The region also benefits from low municipal waste production and low crime rates. However, areas that require attention include the reduction of the unemployment rate and ensuring adequate connectivity to the sewage system. The region also grapples with a high rate of road fatalities.

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The Vysočina region has balanced outcomes across all monitored categories. The region leads in terms of green space within built-up areas, accompanied by a significant volume of recycled waste. However, the survey highlights a need to improve the low number of police officers and address the high incidence of fires. Additionally, efforts should be directed toward reducing municipal waste production.

The Karlovy Vary region, previously ranking third in 2022, has now dropped to last place. Similarly, the Moravia-Silesia and Ústí nad Labem regions did not fare well this year, coming in 12th and 13th out of the 14 regions respectively.

The 13th annual comparative survey evaluated various social and environmental parameters, along with residents' satisfaction levels. The survey relied on data obtained from public institutions and a satisfaction survey involving 1,600 respondents. The areas under scrutiny encompassed the environment, childcare, education, and safety. The survey's organizers say they aim to inspire state and local governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and community members to improve conditions and the environment in their respective regions.

Ranking of livability of Czech regions (last year's result in parentheses):

  • 1.Prague (1)
  • 2.Hradec Králové region (12)
  • 3.Vysočina region (7)
  • 4.South Moravia (11)
  • 5.South Bohemia (2)
  • 6.Liberec region (5)
  • 7.Zlín region (4)
  • 8.Pilsen region (6)
  • 9.Pardubice region (10)
  • 10.Central Bohemia (8)
  • 11.Olomouc region (13)
  • 12.Moravia-Silesia region (14)
  • 13.Ústí nad Labem region (9)
  • 14.Karlovy Vary region (3)

Source: Místo pro život / Communa

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