DIY Grill Gear for Summer

The best locally available grills and extras, plus fiery sauces from the first Czech chili farm

Ryan Scott

Written by Ryan Scott Published on 25.06.2014 15:55:21 (updated on 25.06.2014) Reading time: 5 minutes

From slapping some sausages on a grill to long hours spent carefully smoking large cuts of meat, grilling means different things to different people. Most of the Czech barbecues I’ve been to have involved cooking on a grill or hot plate directly over a wood fire. But in recent years charcoal, gas, and all sorts of alternative grills and grill gadgets have become increasingly more popular, especially with the rise in food culture. Our picks for some of the must-haves:

Fire Starters

DIY Grill Gear for Summer

When cooking with charcoal, lighter fluid or gel are basic methods but if you aren’t a fan of that lighter fluid aroma in your meat, the Weber Rapid Compact Chimney Starter is a perennial favorite for lighting up without lighter fluid. 

Wood fires, which are great for grilling the national summer meal of sausages, require a bit of patience. Enter the new ecological firestarter by Czech company SOLO which promises odourless, intense heat, made from natural materials which can be used under wood, coal, or briquettes. Don’t forget to light that fire with SOLO Matches supposedly the first producer of friction matches.

Grills made for small spaces

Jysk Luxury Picnic GrillJysk Luxury Picnic GrillJysk Luxury Picnic Grill

Jysk Luxury Picnic GrillMuurika Outdoor Grill PanWeber ElectricLotus Grill
Happy Green Wood Gril

Charcoal, wood or gas, compact or military catering size, there are quite a range of grills out there depending on your space and needs.

Happy Green Wood Gril  This modestly sized grill is ideal for small gardens or even balconies. It comes with a rotisserie, side tables, and rack for vegetables and wind guard and is mounted on wheels for easy movement.

Lotus Grill Barbecuing doesn’t get much more compact than the Lotus Grill smoke-free charcoal grill. Its small size means you can grill on your balcony, on your garden table, in a park or on a boat. The built in AA battery powered fan gives you temperature control.

Weber Electric Another compact option for those of us who live in a flat but don’t want to give up outdoor cooking. Yes, it’s electric for a lot of you is anathema to real grilling, but if you don’t want the fuss of getting a fire lit and cleaning up afterwards, this grill comes quite well recommended.

Muurikka Outdoor Grill Pan Fancy making bacon and eggs outdoors? Or perhaps crepes or stir fry are your thing? The Muurika Outdoor Grill Pan, which comes in 22cm, 32cm, 48cm and 58cm models. The griddle pans design ensures that you do not lose juices and marinade into the fire. 


Luxury Picnic Barbecue This charcoal kettle grill from Jysk is a colorful affordable solution for picnic/camping grilling and smaller spaces like balconies and summer cottages.

Heavy-Duty Barbecues

Tundra GrillTundra GrillTundra Grill

Tundra GrillBig Green EggWeber Spirit SeriesAmphora Wood-Fired Garden Oven

Sometimes you need to take your grilling efforts up to the next level. Try one of these heavy-hitters:

Tundra GrilThis grill is like some medieval fire pit update for the modern age. Made from high quality steel with a full cover, a movable support for pots and a large grill to feed a party, the Tundra Grill can be wood, gas or charcoal fired.

The Big Green Egg The Big Green Egg is a perennial favorite for outdoor cooking because it combines both grilling and smoking functions. The sturdy barbecue with its distinctive design comes in five sizes with the XL variety suitable for cooking two 9kg turkeys not to mention stacks of burgers, steaks, and sausages. 

Weber Spirit Series The Spirit remains one of the top quality gas outdoor hooded cookers on the local market. It is durable and includes a number of features such as fold out table and built-in thermometers to ensure a complete cooking experience.

Amphora Wood-Fired Garden Ovens Not a grill but common enough in Czech gardens to merit a mention. A unique alternative to traditional grilling, outdoor ovens let you barbecue, roast, bake, and even make wood-fired pizza. There’s just something medieval about it.


Rösle Burger Press
Rösle Burger Press

From great racks to tool caddies, these add-ons let you grill with ease.

Spice Holder This handy little spice holder from Cadac clips onto the side of kettle barbecues and means all your condiments and spices are in easy reach.

Rib Rack A rack from Weber that holds five of ribs and can be used on both sides.

Burger Press For those who want their burgers perfectly round, they should consider the Rösle Burger Press It’s easy to use but should be washed by hand.

Tescom 5-Piv Beer Pitcher
Tescom 5-Piv Beer Pitcher

Sausage Grid Basket Rather than the traditional grilling forks, the Sausage Grid Basket lets you do up to eight sausages at once. Handy, if you have kids.  

Multipurpose Tongs Czech brand Tescoma have these multipurpose tongs. The three interchangeable heads let you grip steaks, fish, mixed sides or steamed greens. 

Beer Pitcher Lastly, your cookout needs refreshments and Tescoma’s beer pitcher can let you provide for the beer drinkers who would prefer draught to bottled beer. The cap means once you’ve filled it at your nearest pub, you can ensure it doesn’t go flat on the walk home.

Sauces & Rubs

Chilli omáčka Pálíto A line of fiery sauces ranging from extreme to torture (made with the chili peppers grown on the first Czech chili farm) that can be purchased on-line at Český Koš or České delikatesy which also sells a range of milder organic grill sauces made of cranberry, honey, and garlic. 

Stubb’s Stubb’s range of products are said to be some of the best on the market. They have marinades, rubs and sauces to add some zest to your grilling. Now available in Prague at Tesco.

Don Marcos This Texas-based company has a good range of rubs from classic to a Greek influenced blend and grill enthusiasts will love to browse the Czech “grill world”.

Weber Not only famous for their grills, Weber produce a range of marinades including a spicy sauce and a curry one for chicken and you can find them her for a rather affordable price.


Newly opened Gril Centrum

Kamna Grily, Kunratice

Zahradnictvi Chladek

Vše pro Grilování


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