The Czech Republic ranked its favorite grocery stores and retailers: who topped the list?

An online poll rated supermarkets and retailers throughout the Czech Republic to award the "merchant of the year" award.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 19.02.2021 09:48:00 (updated on 07.12.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czechs chose the Lidl supermarket chain as the best retailer last year in the public voting section of the 18th annual Mastercard Merchant of the Year Award.

In the online voting for the Public Award category, the Czech branch of Lidl took a solid victory with 90,257 votes. Kaufland received 48,529 votes which was good enough for second place and Albert came third place with 29,844 votes. Voting took place between Oct. 19, 2020, and Jan. 17, 2021. A total of 114,080 people distributed 479,594 valid votes among various retailers.

Voting was not restricted to supermarkets, but they took the top seven positions. Drug store dm drogerie markt was eighth, followed by electronics shops and Datart.

The contest included 14 other categories that were determined by the results of online surveys that ranked several factors, plus an award for the highest jumper. Lidl also won at the Best Retailer of the Year with Groceries, scoring highly for its memorability and customer loyalty. won in the new e-shop category, with high marks for customer confidence.

Cast your vote for your favorite grocery store in the Czech Republic.

Albert 20 %
Billa 5 %
Kaufland 11 %
Iceland 4 %
Lidl 35 %
Penny Market 2 %
Tesco 7 % 3 % 13 %
750 readers voted on this poll. Voting is closed

The absolute winner of the contest was the pharmacy chain Dr. Max, which scored strongest in memorability and second in loyalty. It overtook the furniture chain Ikea, which had won in the last seven years but this time was in second last year. Dr. Max also won first place in the new Pharmacy of the Year category. Dm drogerie markt finished in third place in the absolute rankings.

Aside from e-shops and pharmacies, new categories were also introduced for toys and books. “The inclusion of these categories also affected the overall ranking of retailers from previous years. The new categories are strong and their most prominent retailers are ranked at the top of all parameters and overall scores,” Michal Cardar, Mastercard CEO for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said in a press release.


The most significant trend in the retail market this year and last is the increase in e-commerce.

“This is confirmed by Mastercard's purchasing data, where we recorded almost a third increase in turnover. In the last year, we have witnessed the dynamic growth of e-shops,” he said.

“We can observe an interesting development in the field of e-shops with food, The inclusion of stores such as and in the category of food this year did not figure into the highest ranks of the total score, but for example in the confidence parameter this year reached second place,” Cardar said.

Mastercard Merchant of the Year Award winners:

  • Overall winner: Dr.Max
  • Grocery store: Lidl Česká republika
  • Drugstore and perfumery: dm drogerie markt
  • Clothing store: Zara
  • Shoe store: Deichmann
  • Sporting goods store: and Decathlon
  • Electronics outlet:
  • Home and garden supplies: Obi
  • Furniture and accessory store: Ikea Česká republika
  • Gas station with a store: Benzina Orlen
  • Bookstore: Dobrovský
  • Toy store: Dráčik
  • Pharmacy: Dr.Max
  • E-shop:
  • Merchant of the Year public prize: Lidl Česká republika
  • Jumper of the Year: CCC
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