Czech PES score drops to 76 over Christmas holidays

On Christmas Day, the Czech Republic reported its lowest number of COVID-19 cases since December 13


Written by ČTK
Published on 26.12.2020 11:37 (updated on 26.12.2020)

The Czech Republic reported 2,669 COVID-19 cases on Friday, the lowest number since December 13, according to data released by the Health Ministry this morning.

The country's PES epidemic index score fell to 76 points on Saturday, the lower border of the fifth and highest degree of alert. Previously, the index score stood at 81 points for three consecutive days. The PES score ultimately determines the lockdown measures in effect throughout the Czech Republic.

The dip in the score was due to a fall in the reproduction number, the average number of people one COVID-19 positive person infects. It fell from about 1.22 to 1.05 over the holidays.

The PES risk score has fallen or stagnated in all regions. It is still the lowest in Prague at 66, which corresponds to the fourth degree of alert.

The PES index has been at the fifth degree of alert for nine days in a row. However, the lockdown measures currently in effect reflect the fourth degree.

The government decided on Wednesday that tighter measures corresponding to the fifth degree would be introduced on Sunday. Most shops and all services will have to close.

Before the Christmas holidays, the numbers of new infections were soaring. On December 13, there were over 14,000 cases, coming close to the record-high numbers from late October and early November.

The growth slowed down on Christmas Eve. Over the holidays, however, considerably fewer people have been tested.

On Wednesday, over 39,000 tests were conducted, but on Thursday only about 10,000 and on Friday roughly 8,000.

On Thursday, the proportion of positive COVID-19 cases hit a record high of 41%. On Friday, the ratio fell to 34.7%

Ladislav Dušek, director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (UZIS), said the data for Christmas holidays were not representative. Generally, people displaying symptoms and those sent by doctors were the only ones tested during this time.

Since March, there have been about 668,000 COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic. Right now, there are 93,000 known cases.

The total number of COVID-19-related deaths in the country now stands at 10,950.

PES score in Czech regions:


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RegionPES scoreAlert degree
Central Bohemia765
South Bohemia765
Karlovy Vary765
Hradec Kralove805
South Moravia765

Source: Health Ministry