Czech McDonald's adds tvaroh sandwich to breakfast menu

In a bid to add healthier options to its menu, McDonald's has unveiled the McMuffin Lučina, made with a local Czech cheese

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky
Published on 24.09.2020 13:00 (updated on 24.09.2020)

McDonald's locations across the globe have made an effort to offer healthier options on their menus in recent years, and McDonald's Czech Republic has recently teamed up with a local brand to offer a lighter version of the popular McMuffin breakfast sandwich.

The McMuffin Lučina, available at Czech McDonald's locations since the beginning of this month, is made with Lučina, a tvaroh (quark) based cheese spread that traditionally has low fat levels. It's topped off with radish slices and rukola, and served on the classic English muffin, toasted with butter.

The McMuffin Lučina comes in at a count of 242 calories, compared to the classic McMuffin with egg, cheese, and sausage, which totals 381 calories.

"Fresh tvaroh cheese with radish and rukola in a fluffy muffin is an ideal light start to the day," reads the product description on McDonald's website.

At 45 CZK, the McMuffin Lučina even comes a bit cheaper than alternatives with egg and bacon or sausage, which both run 49 CZK.

According to local McDonald's, interest in the new McMuffin Lučina has been high.

"Over the first days, sales confirmed our expectations and with increasing awareness of this innovation, customers' interest in trying our new breakfast is consistently growing," McDonald's Czech Republic PR and communications director Jitka Pajurková told

"We are following current trends. We have gradually added to our menu, for example, gluten-free buns, a burger on a salad bed without a bun, gluten-free cakes and coffee with soy or lactose-free milk. "

"We are currently looking for a suitable variant using a plant-based dish, which we will include in the offer of Czech McDonald's restaurants in the future."

Originally founded in Sedlčany, Central Bohemia, Lučina has been offering its cream cheese products on the Czech and Slovak markets since 1981.

The McMuffin Lučina isn't exclusive to the Czech Republic: it can also be found in neighboring Slovakia, where it retails for €2.10.

Other fast food locations in the Czech Republic have also made recent moves away from traditional meat-based products in order to expand their menu.

KFC locations in the Czech Republic now offer a Twister made with Greek halloumi cheese instead of fried chicken, while local Burger King branches have recently launched a similar halloumi wrap.