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Wellness Yoga studio newly brings 2 classes for children. Here, find more insight presented by both teachers.

by Angeline Ho (certified YogaKids Facilitator)

Yoga for children is a natural pathway to a child’s complete health and wholeness. Children derive enormous benefits from Yoga. Physically, it enhances their

flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation also improves. Doing Yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them.

Yoga carries with it age old wisdom, which incidentally are basically simple truths that children deal in the playground at a young age, inculcating good values and perspectives that would see them through their growing years into adulthood.

Presenting Yoga in a child’s language, we usher children into a healthy regime. Traditional yoga techniques have been recreated in playful, simple and fun ways.  Role play, storytelling, music, creative arts and Earthcare blend and integrate seamlessly with yoga movement. This interdisciplinary style allows a more natural and wholesome approach to engaging children´s imagination and creative expression effectively. The use of animated poses and basic stretching exercises promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control.

Having worked closely with preschoolers for the past 5 years, I found my preference and strengths in engaging the ‘whole’ child through integrated learning. Children are natural kinesthetic learners, a lively bunch who always needing to get up and move around! They have fun and love to get creative and inquisitive.They learn best by experiencing, engaging and being present in the moment!  And this is where I feel Yoga plays a key role in complementing a child’s positive preschool experience.
Together with children, we create classes that encourage a peaceful mind, a healthy body and spirit, yet educational and creative at the same time.
Angeline Ho teaches at Wellness Yoga studio on Wednesday at 4pm. To register,please email at or .

KIDS SMILING YOGA with Lucie Krejcirova

Wellness yoga owner and Instructor for Hatha Yoga, Kids Smiling yoga, Yoga Mom & Buddha Baby, Partner’s and Family yoga, guided relaxation and massage with yoga class for children at preschool English Wonderland

Providing children with tangible, easy techniques early in life, making them able to cope better with stress, anxiety and tension throughout their development.

Today more than ever, our children are faced with so many new technologies and influences that are dehumanizing our youth. Obesity rates are also at an all-time high as children are living more sedentary lifestyles. Video games, computers, MP3 players and text messaging are also creating a false sense of human interaction. With each technological advance, it is essential that we empower our children to spiritually advance. My goal is to Empower Tinys to Teens by using both my private and professional experiences through the Art of Yoga, Providing Practical Techniques and Tools that are Identifiable, Useful and Reusable.


Creating space for children is the most important signal to show children that it is time for yoga. The rules of yoga class are explained and repeated each time before class begins. Rules create boundaries that are necessary for a class to learn at an optimal level that is safe for both themselves and for others. Sensational sequencing – the most overwhelming part of teaching a children´s yoga class – is organizing a class that is fun, engaging and effective for the children. Each child has own space to show their creativity as well as participates in creating each class. That makes each class unique and help the children to boost their confidence in their gained skills.

In each class we chant simple chants in english and Sanskrit as well as OHM. Meditations and Shavasana (relaxation) with pranayama (yogic breath control) are both very popular. Dancing asanas and static asanas in playful way to make it interesting for children and gradually learning about their own physical bodies.  If time allows, we play with play dough or draw mandalas. The atmosphere created by children is truly amazing – pure spirits composing loving kindness, compassion, respect, empathy and joy.

Lucie is teaching Kids smiling yoga on Friday at 2.15pm. To pre-register please e-mail at or call 736 647 156.

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