Passengers to Benefit from Citi and Czech Airlines Cooperation

With the new Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card Staff

Written by Staff Published on 05.11.2010 17:34:33 (updated on 05.11.2010) Reading time: 4 minutes

With the new Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card, customers can quickly earn their way to a bonus ticket just by spending on their card, with the chance to earn 20,000 bonus miles after the first transaction. The new card is very first MasterCard World credit card on the Czech market.PRAGUE – Citi, in cooperation with Czech Airlines, recently launched the prestigious Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card on the Czech market. Aside from the new, stylish black design, the card provides a number of attractive benefits to customers, including a welcome bonus of 20,000 for the first retail transaction or cash withdrawal during their first month as card holder. For the bonus of 20,000 miles customers may choose a return bonus ticket to the selected European countries Thereafter, customers can earn bonus miles with Czech Airlines just by regularly using their Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card.On 4 August 2010, the first ever branded Czech Airlines aircraft will depart from Prague´s Ruzyne airport with a graphic of the new Citi ČSA credit card on its fuselage.  “We are happy indeed to work with Citibank in introducing new, attractive features on the Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card. We are pleased to promote our cooperation with Citibank, using an unconventional and new advertising – branding one of our planes. This is historically the first promotional branding on a fuselage and if this form of advertising succeeds, we will continue in such marketing activities with other partners,” added Tomáš Hrdlička, senior Manager Loyalty Programs & CRM..“We appreciate that Czech Airlines, our long-term partner, supports our ongoing efforts to bring new attractive products to the Czech consumer. We are very pleased to introduce to Czech Airlines passengers and Citi card holders a product combining the numerous benefits of a Citi credit card with the advantages of the ČSA OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme,” says Parag Dhingra, Cards Product & Business Development Head Citibank Europe plc,. With the launch of this new credit card, card holders will have the chance to earn a special bonus of 20,000 miles with Czech Airlines during the promotional period up to 30 September 2010. After this period, customers can still earn up to 20,000 bonus miles on their first month as a card holder if they meet standard conditions. Under these conditions, customers will earn a Welcome bonus of 10,000 miles for the first retail transaction or cash withdrawal on their card. They can then earn an additional 10,000 miles once their total spend or withdrawal on the card has reached at least CZK 15,000 within their first month as card holder.MasterCard World products always carry a distinctive World identifier and “bar” which signifies the card incorporates a market leading rewards programme, in this case the market leading OK Plus programme from Czech Airlines. It is a unique and flexible card platform that allows issuing banks to succeed in the intensely competitive battle to satisfy the demands of premium cardholders. These financially aware consumers:·Appreciate the value of features and benefits tailored to reflect their lifestyles·Seek out value for money and use discretion in making purchasing decisionsThe Citi ČSA World MasterCard is the latest and very welcome addition to the family of World products in Europe. “We identified a group of cardholders with a specific lifestyle and needs. We tailored the World MasterCard, which has worked successfully in several countries, for them. Citibank offers a very attractive product, cleverly complemented by a České aerolinie loyalty scheme. I believe there is a great need for this card in the Czech Republic and that its holders will be happy with it,” said Brian Lang, MasterCard Europe´s General Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card provides card holders with various opportunities to earn their way to a bonus ticket on flight with Czech Airlines. Among the benefits of the card include 4 miles per CZK 100 spent on the card or withdrawn from an ATM and an anniversary bonus of 5,000 miles every year (if average monthly spend is at least CZK 15,000). Customers also have access to travel insurance and concierge services as part of the benefits of their card. The Citi ČSA MasterCard World is an international payment card, which allows customers to avail of discounts of up to 25 % from merchant partners under the Citi Club programme and discounts from partners of programme MasterCard Elite and MasterCard World. The summer promotional event for the Citi ČSA MasterCard World credit card will also be supported by a press promotion and advertising in both terminals of Prague´s Ruzyne Airport. To apply for this prestigious card, customers do not need to switch their current banking relationship or open a current account with Citibank. For more information on Citibank and this product, please visit

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