Bar Review: Černá ovce goes for some Vinohrady cocktails

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 18.07.2011 14:27:22 (updated on 18.07.2011) Reading time: 3 minutes

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Černá ovce
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Černá ovce (or Black Sheep) is a fairly new bar located in Vinohrady (Americká 29, Prague 2). The closest metro and tram stop is Náměstí Míru (A Line metro or trams 4, 10, 16, 22, 51, 57, 59). As you may already know, there are a huge number of bars located in this area of the city, ranging from classic Czech-style hospodas to swanky wine bars and eateries, all located within a 3 or 4 mile radius. It would be pretty easy to unwittingly walk past Černá Ovce, as the understated entranceway doesn´t really leap out at you.

Once inside, the cozy bar is home to a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, with plenty of that fancy bottle tossing (‘flaring´ to those in know) to watch while you sip on your tipple. Černá ovce´s underground setting with modern décor makes it a perfect location for corporate events. Their well-stocked bar with roughly 150 varieties of fine vodkas, whiskies and rums makes for an impressive behind-the-bar view. During my visits to Černá ovce I noticed that the majority of their clientele tends to be young Czechs rather than expats.

The bar has a strange unpredictability which isn´t helped by the basement setting. On some visits I found it to be very busy and on others it was completely empty. The underground setting means that you never know which of the two options you´ve got until you;re inside. In my opinion, this is one of the few drawbacks this bar has. The second is the general age of the clientele. You´ll regularly find a 20th birthday party (or sometimes younger) taking place at the bar, which isn´t a problem in itself, but occasionally the parties end up as most younger birthday parties do with many drunk (sometimes young) revelers which could be offputting if you just want to enjoy a quiet drink.

Despite the occasional drunken celebrations, the atmosphere is generally friendly with no problems from locals or staff.  

The main bar area boasts a plasma screen, which is used to show music videos or the occasional sports event. This area has a capacity of approximately 140 people (75 seating).  Beers on offer: Gambrinus 11°, large draught for 32 CZK and small for 23 CZK; Pilsner Urquell 12°, large draught for 39 CZK and small for 27 CZK. There is also a selection of bottled beers including Desperados, Heineken, and non-alcoholic Radegast.

Rums aplenty! I would say this is the most appealing factor. Maybe you´d like some Dominican rum for your cuba libre? Or perhaps 5-year-old Guatemalan Rum Anejo Botran? They also serve a pretty wide selection wines and champagne. Soft drinks, teas and Lavazza coffee are all available for the non-drinkers or designated drivers.

Černá ovce also hosts regular special music nights, to which they invite live DJs to play the best in new music. The most successful of these nights is the regular UK Garage night ‘Luxury Stepz´ hosted by Radio 1 DJ Double Jay. For those wanting to sample (or perhaps reminisce about) 2-step sounds gone by, I would highly recommend paying the 50 CZK entrance fee. Enjoy the free vodka-based welcome drink and throw some shapes (dance) to the latest in garage vibes!

Černá ovce´s friendly atmosphere extends all the way to your door with their in-house taxi service. For those who get too drunk or for customers not wanting to travel home alone, the bar offers the service of a safe and reliable taxi service with special Černá Ovce prices!

I like this bar. It´s clean and well-stocked with a friendly staff that has good knowledge about the drinks they´re making. But expect to wait a while if there´s a party ordering 15 mojitos!

Key Points

·    Smoking Policy – Smoking
·    Location – Americká 29, Prague 2
·    The Crowd – Mixed ages, no children
·    Atmosphere – Friendly atmosphere. Can be very quiet at times and then suddenly busy.
·    Attire – Casual
·    Price Range – Mid-range: Gambrinus Excellent 11° 32 CZK, Pilsner Urquell 12° 29 CZK, Wine 44 CZK, Cocktails 85-135 CZK.
·    Entrance Fees – None
·    Size – 140 people (around 75 seats)
·    Music Policy – Pop/House. But can vary depending on the DJ booked. Information can be found on their website.
·    Service – Professional, accommodating, friendly and English-speaking.
·    Restroom Check – Nice, clean and fairly new.

Černá ovce
Americká 29, Prague 2 – Vinohrady
Mo-Fr 18:00 – 04:00
Sat 18:00-05:00



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