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multi story
at Fringe Fest 2008

All about wine

Cassandra knocks back the wine.  Hoping for some kind of enlightenment – or at least an escape from mundane reality – she binges on the sacred grape juice.  Meanwhile an enemy threatens to wage war, using the excuse of trade restrictions placed on the precious liquid.  In a haze of alcohol, visions of war become a grinding reality as, for ten long years, Troy remains under siege.

multi story have plundered the myth of Cassandra – the Trojan princess who foresaw the future but was fated not to be believed – to construct their own narrative of conflict.  Visually arresting, and with the trademark physicality of the company, Cassandra is in part a thriller.  Cassandra foresees her own rape and destruction but who will betray her?  Who is the enemy-within?  Is it her heroic brother, the servant who worships her or the mysterious figure in her nightmares who is getting ever closer?

Cassandra is a pocket-sized, heavy-weight drama that picked up 5 star reviews at Fringes across Canada.  Recognized as being “as much 9/11 as Ancient Greece”, the production was variously described as “intense, challenging and involving theatre presented by two performers in complete command of their medium” and “a subtle, intriguing exploration of war and violence


additional information about multi story


multi story was established in 2000 by Bill Buffery and Gill Nathanson.

Bill and Gill had worked together as members of Orchard Theatre Company from 1989 to 2000 – Bill as Artistic Director, Gill as Education Officer and as an actor. 

In 1998 Bill and Gill took Surviving Bluebeard to Fringe Festivals in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton.  In 1999 they returned to Canada with Messing With Medea.  The experience reminded them why they had become actors in the first place – the profound satisfaction of presenting a piece that you care passionately about to people who want to be engaged.  This straightforward ambition had got lost under the welter of funding applications and policy directives associated with running a subsidised theatre company. 

So Bill and Gill created multi story in order to re-find their joy in theatre-making. 

As the name implies, the company is centrally concerned with the enduring power of story – and with finding simple and direct ways of telling stories with a minimum of paraphernalia that, hopefully, fires the imaginations of audiences both young and old.

multi story play to a wide variety of people in a wide variety of circumstances.  They currently perform eight different plays for younger audiences and their families and seven plays for student and adult audiences.  Their work is often based on traditional tales or myths which are reworked into something quite original.

multi story have strong relationships with a large number of UK schools.  They often supplement performances with workshop sessions that explore the building blocks of play-making and provide an approach to literacy through action.  For older students they help to animate studies of major practitioners – such as Brecht, Stanislavski and Artaud – as well as developing acting skills.   They also undertake larger projects to create new work with young people – including a number of particularly ambitious re-workings of Shakespeare.

multi story have also built strong relationships with theatres and arts centres across the UK and, increasingly, with rural touring associations that promote their work in villages and small towns.  multi story particularly enjoy presenting their work in festivals where they have the chance to savour other peoples´ creativity.

multi story have been regular visitors to Canada and have twice toured countries in South America.  They have recently performed in Norway and Portugal.  They find themselves in the happy position of being able to strengthen existing relationships whilst at the same time being free to respond to new possibilities as they emerge.

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