Expat life hacks: How to take advantage of Czech bank bonuses

Some of the biggest banks in Czechia offer thousands of crowns just for creating an account: here is a selection of the best offers.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 13.03.2024 15:20:00 (updated on 13.03.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

Some extra cash is always nice – banks and consumers know this all too well. Several banks across Czechia currently offer generous sign-up bonuses and rewards just for creating a new account.

Foreigners can open most types of accounts at almost all banks in Czechia, but require necessary documents (proof of residence, employment, and/or address – depending on the bank you are signing up with). With help from financial-advice website Peníze.cz, we present various options offered by multiple Czech banks, all of which are suitable for foreigners.


This bank offers among the best sign-up bonuses in Czechia. Any new client who opens any current account gets a reward of CZK 3,000 (sent over a period of six months, receiving CZK 500 monthly). The only condition is making a minimum of three transactions per month with your debit or credit card.

The basic version of the account to which the reward replies, called the "Smart" account, is free of fees and is without obligations.

The reward will be given to any new client who is at least 18 years old, has not opened another current account at Raiffeisenbank in the last six months, and did not participate in the previous "6 x CZK 500" campaign last year. This offer should last until November, though the bank has not yet set an end date.

On a broader level, Raiffeisenbank will also offer up to CZK 10,000 for transferring your large-scale external liabilities (loans) to the bank as part of the RePůjčka product. Conditions apply.


Comparison site Usetreno.cz offers a comprehensive overview of the different accounts offered by all banks in Czechia.


This bank offers two sign-up rewards: cinema tickets and a total CZK 4,000 bonus.

Clients can claim up to 12 free tickets for any movie shown on the CineStar multi-cinema network. Those interested must meet three conditions: open one of the regular accounts by the end of June (the “Start” account is free with no additional conditions), enter the promo code “CineStar24” when opening the account online, and pay by card at least three times per month.

For each of the six months in which a client makes the three card payments, the bank will give tickets to any 2D movie on the CineStar network. The offer lasts until end-June.

To claim a CZK 1,000 reward for having an active account, clients must make three card payments totaling at least CZK 4,000 (combined) every month. Customers must do this six months in a row without stopping to receive their CZK 1,000 add-on.

Getting another CZK 3,000 is a little more complicated. Clients must set up regular investments via UniCredit by the end of April, and afterwards ensure at least CZK 1,000 flows in every month for six consecutive calendar months. To claim the CZK 4,000 you must make an account before April 30.



If signing up to a “Plus” account with this bank’s deferred-payment application Skip Pay for the first time, ČSOB will offer clients CZK 1,500 off their first purchase from Czech online electronics store CZC.

By continuing to use the card tied to the Plus account, clients can receive a total of CZK 1,200 in one year: CZK 100 for every month in which they pay at least five times via card. However, total payments by card must be at least CZK 10,000 monthly.

Those over 65 years old and already with a ČSOB account can earn a quick CZK 500 by having a pension payment sent to their account.

Creating a new account for children (aged between eight and 18) before the end of March at ČSOB will provide a CZK 500 reward. The only condition is to credit the account with at least CZK 500 within 30 days of its establishment. 

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