7 Creative Gin and Tonic Recipes

Newly opened Gin & Tonic Club shares tips for mixing this refreshing summer cocktail

Auburn Scallon

Written by Auburn Scallon Published on 10.06.2015 16:08:28 (updated on 10.06.2015) Reading time: 2 minutes

If you think of a gin and tonic as a boring drink, you haven’t set foot in Vinohrady’s latest cocktail bar, Gin & Tonic Club. Proprietors Martin and Sylvia have added their own twists to this classic cocktail, and we’re not talking about limes.

The bar is stocked with over 45 types of classic and infused gins, and they add a new one each week. Two notable exceptions: no Beefeaters or Bombay Sapphire – they want to introduce customers to something new. Colorful jars of homemade, organic ingredients, ranging from fruits and herbs to the more unusual (bacon and sundried tomatoes!), line the bars and shelves of this intimate space. These drinks aren’t cheap (135-190 CZK per cocktail), and each requires a few minutes of preparation, so don’t expect them to come quickly.

7 Creative Gin and Tonic Recipes

The cocktail connoisseurs behind Gin & Tonic Club were happy to share a few recipes from their extensive menu with the Expats.cz audience. Fun fact: their cocktails are numbered instead of named to save their customers from any embarrassment when pronouncing foreign or unfamiliar brand names!

Pro Tips

1. Start with a copa glass (a wide-mouthed red wine glass will also work).
2. Chill the glass with ice and drain any remaining water, leaving the ice in the glass. 
3. Add 50ml* of your chosen gin. 
4. Add 200ml of chilled tonic water in the correct flavor.
5. Place 1-2 pieces each of dried fruits and garnishes into the cocktail.
6. Clap any fresh herbs between your hands to release the flavor and add to finish your cocktail.
7. Serve, sip, and savor the flavors.

*more than the typical 40ml (1.35oz) Czech serving size


7 Creative Gin and Tonic Recipes

Rosemary Blood Orange

50ml (1.7oz) Jodhpur Gin
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Original tonic
3-5 dried juniper berries
1 slice dried blood orange
1 lemon twist
1 sprig fresh rosemary 

Licorice Cardamom

50ml (1.7oz) 5th Gin Water 
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Licorice tonic
1 piece star anise
3-4 pieces cardamom
1 lemon twist 

7 Creative Gin and Tonic Recipes

Cinnamon & Summer Berry

50ml (1.7oz) 5th Gin Fire 
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Cinnamon tonic
1-2 pieces dried strawberry
1-2 pieces dried raspberry
1 slice dried orange
2 cinnammon sticks


50ml (1.7oz) 5th Gin Earth 
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Mandarin tonic 
3-5 dried juniper berries
1 slice dried mandarin orange
1 slice dried lemon
1 sprig fresh mint 

Granny Smith

50ml (1.7oz) Gold Gin 999.9 
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Mandarin tonic
3 slices Granny Smith apple
1 slice dried tangerine
3-5 dried juniper berries
1 sprig lemon thyme
lemon twist

7 Creative Gin and Tonic Recipes

Grapefruit Vanilla Bean

50ml (1.7oz) Jodhpur Gin Reserva
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Original tonic
1 slice dried grapefruit
3-5 dried juniper berries 
1 lemon twist
1 vanilla bean pod

Spicy Ginger

50ml (1.7oz) Marton´s Gin 
200ml (6.76oz) Ledger´s Original tonic
1 slice ginger
1 slice lemon peel
3-5 dried juniper berries
1 sprig fresh rosemary
lemon twist

Gin & Tonic Club 
Vinohradská 45 
+420 777 669 557
Prague 2, 120 00

What’s your go to refreshing cocktail for summer?

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