Jana Jandova: Personal & Career Development Coach

Jana Jandova: Personal & Career Development Coach

Ostrovní 126/30, Praha 1, 11000

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Are you seeking a path to personal and professional growth that resonates with your unique journey?
I'm Jana Jandova, a professional and EMCC accredited coach, mentor, and counselor.
My mission is to empower you to reach your highest potential with confidence and fulfillment. With a unique blend of HR experience, psychological coaching, and mindfulness expertise, I offer tailored support for personal and professional growth to help you achieve your goals, and find balance in life.

Topics I can help you with:

Personal development
📍 Strengthening Self-Confidence and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
📍 Navigating Life Transitions
📍 Cultivating New Habits
📍 Resilience and Well-being
📍 Changing Lifestyle
📍 Personal and Family Relationships
📍 Discovering Life Purpose
📍 Revitalizing Inner Drive and Energy

Professional growth
📍 Career Advancement
📍 Leadership Development
📍 Personal Productivity and Time Management
📍 Achieving Work-Life Balance
📍 Discovering Inner Motivation and Work Purpose
📍 Career Shifts
📍 Job interview and Professional portfolio (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn)
📍 Starting Your Own Business

Book your session now: https://calendly.com/jana-jandova
🏢 In-person in Prague (Ostrovní 126/30, 110 00, Prague 1)
🎥 Online video call

E-mail: jandovaj@gmail.com
Website: https://janajandova.com/

EMCC Global Individual Coach/Mentor accreditation (Credential ID EIA20230492)
CMTT - Corporate Mindfulness Teacher Training
ACSTH Certificate - Psychological Coach Training (Credential ID VP001442011)

Abha Doshi
Senior Asset Manager at Augusta & Co Investment Management, London
'I worked with Jana in 2023 when I was looking to move personally and professionally from Germany to the UK. Jana's approach to coaching was structured and professional. She was friendly and provided the necessary questions so that I could find answers to help me gain clarity. I would recommend Jana as a Coach and a Mentor!'

Veronika Brozek
COO at Bohemia Interactive
'Jana was my coach via Femme Palette programme helping me to shape specific goals for consequent mentoring.
She was a pleasure to cooperate with. She is an empathic coach who gives a clear boost to individual and professional development. Her strengths lie in her structured yet highly individual approach to clients. Based on individual development goals, she supports the coaching process with a wide range of thought provoking and practical coaching tools and gives you valuable and target-oriented impulses during the sessions. I would definitely recommend Jana as a coach.'



Jana is an EMCC accredited Personal Growth and Career Development Coach with extensive experience across international corporations, turquoise teams, and NGOs. Her academic foundation includes Andragogy and Personnel Management, complemented by an array of professional development including ACSTH Psychological Coach Training, Corporate Mindfulness Teacher Training, and The Science of Well-Being by Yale University.

With a rich background as a People Care Manager at Teach Live, focusing on individual, team, and leadership development, company culture, and talent management, Jana has established herself as an accomplished coach and mentor for leaders and people from diverse sectors. She collaborates with platforms like Femme Palette, DoToho!, SEED or TopLeader, while also organizing Europe's largest Happiness@Work conference, dedicated to helping people create happier and more successful workplaces.

Jana's approach expertly balances corporate insights with an entrepreneurial spirit, making her an invaluable partner for those seeking to unlock their full potential and excel in their personal and professional lives.

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