Inspirational Coaching - Life and Executive Coach

Inspirational Coaching - Life and Executive Coach

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My name is Duca Lopicic and I am Erickson Professional Life and Executive Coach. As a solution focused coach my work with clients is based on partnering and working together to create a better future. I support individuals on their journey to identify values, embrace the change and reach their full potential. I meet with the potential clients first for the complimentary 30 minutes info session. This first meeting is for us to discuss coaching and see if we would like to partner and work together. This way I can understand your goals and wishes and find out if we are a good fit. I coach according to the Code of Ethics and I guarantee a full confidentiality. Looking forward to meeting you and discovering together!

Life Coaching

- long-term life vision
- reach your ultimate goals
- establish good habits
- explore your core values
- mindful living
- emotional intelligence
- self-motivation
- continuous learning
- creativity
- time management

Executive and Career Coaching

- transitioning to a new role
- prevent burn out
- manage your emotions at work
- become a better leader
- increase the efficiency
- better communication
- collaboration
- empathy
- flexibility
- accountability
- healthy ego

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