Margie Aniello Clinical Psychologist Psychotherapist

Margie Aniello Clinical Psychologist Psychotherapist

Ostrovského 253/3, Praha 5, 15000

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I’m an authorised clinical psychologist and psychotherapist working in private practice.
I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy in a professional, confidential and supportive setting to Italian, English and French speaking, adults and children.
I practice individual psychotherapy in the areas of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and stress management.
I provide parental and family support through psychoeducational counselling and dysfunctional family dynamics assessment.
I carry out psycho-diagnostic assessment and forensic psychological consultation.
I’ll help you in finding your strengths, improving your well-being and overcoming your personal difficulties.

I am a psychologist holding a Clinical and Community Psychology degree, which I integrated with a Post-Graduate Specialization in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and a Master Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychiatry.
I am a psychologist holding a Clinical and Community Psychology degree, which I integrated with a Post-Graduate Specialization in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and a Master Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychiatry.
Throughout my academic and professional career I had the opportunity to develop extensive experience within several fields of clinical psychology: from mood and anxiety disorders to schizophrenia; from psycho-educational to individual and group therapy, including adolescents and families.
I developed solid experience in clinical research working as research psychologist within Experimental Medicine Division by University of L’Aquila, where I improved my skills in clinical assessment and psychometric evaluation.
I spent 7 years within the pharmaceutical industry working for Ely Lilly as a consultant psychologist within the CNS area. I was in charge of managing Solution for Wellness, a psychoeducational program to help patients better control their disease related to body weight increase and eating disorders, in order to improve their quality of life.
I also worked for 10 years as consultant psychologist in public high schools, where my main responsibilities were to educate students, providing individual counselling, to support teachers in improving interaction dynamics within the class and managing relationship with students’ parents.
I ran private office-based psychology for 13 years and psychotherapy activity for 5 years, during which I managed patients on a regular basis. Moreover, I had the opportunity to develop strong capabilities in managing mood and anxiety disorders and build effective skills aimed at improving personal relationships within family or social contexts.


Individual Psychotherapy

- Mood Disorders (major depressive disorder; dysthymia; post-partum depression; recurrent brief depression;
premestrual disforic disorder; seasonal affective disorder; distruptive mood dysregulation disorder)
- Anxiety Disorders (generalized anxiety disorder; panic disorder; specific phobias; social anxiety disorders;
post-traumatic stress disorder; separation anxiety disorder; situational anxiety; obsessive-compulsive disorder)
- Other Disorders (binge-eating disorders; anorexia; somatic symptom disorders; sleep disorders; self-esteem
problems; social and relationship problems)

Family Therapy
- dysfunctional family dynamics assessment
- managing of dysfunctional patterns of interactions between family member through reorganization of family system
- parental support
- strategies for adolescents conflicts managing
- prevention and management of adolescent maladjustment (self-injury, scholastic dropout, bullying)

Group Therapy
- eating disorders (binge-eating, bulimia, anorexia)
- self-esteem problems
- social and relationship problems
- social communication problems

Couple Therapy
- crisis management and conflict resolution (lack of communication, frequent or constant arguments, unfulfilled
emotional needs, jealous rage)
- handling relationship problems within binuclear and one-parent families
- transition to parenthood support (infertility, medical assisted procreation, abortion, difficult pregnancy)
- supporting couples during separation and divorce process and managing children

Forensic Psychology Consultation
- Psychological report
- Personality assessment
- Cognitive function assessment
- Cognitive impairment assessment
- Psychometric testing of cognitive and behavior assessment for children

Our meetings can be held in Italian, English or French language, and I'm also available for online Skype consultations.
Please, don't hesitate to contact me for information on rates and to make an initial appointment:

mobile +420 778 040 982
+39 349 764 9414

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Professional and empathic person

Reviewed by user 14.05.2024
I met Margie one year ago and I could not have asked for a better meeting. Thanks to her empathy and professionalism, I felt understood and listened since day one. I was in a difficult moment, in both my personal and professional lives, and it was not easy at all for me to open up, but with Margie everything was easy and natural. She has helped me to find out my limits, and to change perspective. I can see the light at the end of the... read more

The essential guide of my personal growth journey

Reviewed by Mara Tonezzer 29.04.2024
I started my therapy path with Margie when I felt that I wasn't able to keep the pieces of my life together anymore. I was going through a difficult moment in my love relationship and this was the trigger to make me think of starting this journey, because I wanted to understand more about me and I needed to talk with someone without the fear of being judged. I am so glad I did it, because Margie with her kindness and empathy made me feel... read more

Highly recommended

Reviewed by user 31.10.2023
In my therapy path with Margie I learned to know myself better and see my life experience from a different perspective. Thanks to her, I now live relationships in a more conscious and calm way.

Very professional and empathic

Reviewed by Lorenzo Maroncelli 12.09.2023
My experience with Margie was very positive. She is a focused professional who helped me a lot during a very busy and developing phase of my life. I will always be thankful for the things I learned about my self during this journey. Highly recommend

Great personal development support

Reviewed by Elisa Barbagelata 06.06.2020
Margie helped me facing several self-confidence issues, both in my private and working life. I can now see the results of the work we have done together. She 's still a great support in my personal development and I highly recommend her :)
Response from owner: Thank you so much for your kind words Elisa. It was my pleasure to support you durig your emotional and personal process. Wishing you well in everithing you do, you deserve all the best in life.