Therapy & Counselling I Dr. Aya Rechenburg

Therapy & Counselling I Dr. Aya Rechenburg

Návršní 1342, Kamenice, 25168

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Imagine breaking free from the limitations that hold you back.

The aim of our work together is to facilitate lasting change, relieving your current distress while empowering you to navigate future difficulties independently. I am here to help you with any topic you're working through, supporting you in cultivating a sense of completeness that leads to a fulfilling life.

In our sessions, we will follow a unique and holistic approach grounded in PCA (Person-Centred Therapy) principles, guiding you towards a state of integrated harmony. Your comfort and trust are of utmost importance in our therapeutic journey together!

Aya is a dedicated therapist with over a decade of experience and a profound passion for guiding people to embrace their true selves. Her purpose is to help you love who you really are and live a life you feel good about.

She is the preferred choice for clients who are determined to shape and cultivate their life in order to increase its quality and to enjoy it to its full potential.

*1.Session/20min for FREE

*Sessions available both online and in-person at the therapy office in Kamenice
*For more information visit the website:

Write to Aya to book a free session to see how she can help you.

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Great support when I really needed it. Thank you!

Reviewed by Hannes Niehaus 12.10.2023
I have been with Aya for a good while now, and I really feel that my approach to life has shifted. When I first started with her, life's challenges felt overwhelming. But now, I've noticed a big change in how I handle things. I genuinely feel better equipped to face challenges now, and I owe a lot of that transformation to our sessions. Aya`s sessions became a bright spot in my week, and I'm sincerely thankful for the progress I've achieved.