Olivier Bauduin - Therapist, Counsellor, Coach, in English & French

Olivier Bauduin - Therapist, Counsellor, Coach, in English & French

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In my Therapy, counselling, & coaching practice I encourage and enable people to discover their inner strengths to face and overcome problems and difficulties, and engage in a fulfilling self-development journey…

To transform lives by unlocking potential I work with individuals on issues like:
- Anxiety, Stress, Self-Esteem, Burnout,
- Self-Understanding & Personal Development,
- Parenting issues,
- Relationships,
- Work & Career,
- Search for Meaning,
- And topics, issues, difficulties that preoccupy your mind...

I hold:
- MBA at IFG [Paris]
- Certified Professional Coach – EMCC Licence EIA20182583 [Prague]
- Certified MBTI® Level I & II Practitioner [Paris]
- Certified in Existential Analysis Coaching & Counselling at GLE International [Vienna, London, Vancouver]

E-mail: olivier@begreat.cz
Tel.: +420 777 871 905

My aim is to enable, inspire, encourage, and help people be great at who they are and what they do...

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Amazingly helpful :)

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 05.05.2022
I started seeing Olivier to address some personal issues. Since the very first session Olivier helped my by listening and suggesting tools and solutions. Oliver is very kind, understanding and is amazingly helpful in your self-improvement journey. The work that I did with Olivier has made me a different person. I will keep in contact with Olivier and continue to work on myself and be great. I cannot recommend Olivier enough :)

Life changing experience!

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 23.03.2022
I contacted Olivier after saying "enough" while passing through a difficult period in my life. From the first meeting, Olivier created a very safe and comfortable environment to go through the issues I was having. Compared to the situation I was in a year ago, I am proud to say that I am a different and happier person. Thank you Olivier!

Transformational: Amazing Coach and Person (Leads and Listens with Empathy)

Reviewed by Michael Occulto 08.12.2021
Thank you, Olivier! I could have not imagined the impact you would make on my life since my wife and I moved to Prague in July. You listen, you have empathy, you offer sound coaching and advice. There are shining lights that come into people’s lives at the right time and you are one of them. Thank you! I highly recommend Olivier to anyone requiring a life/career coach. He is an amazing person and has made such a positive impact on my life.

Great business coaching which went to personal couching

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 31.05.2021
I ve known Olivier for several years and what started as business coaching helped me a lot not only in my work but definitely in my personal life as well. Can highly recomend.

Best at what he does

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 11.05.2021
The best counselor i’ve ever worked with. He approaches each subject with sensitivity yet rationality and is able to guide you to exactly what you need to reflect on in order to grow and move forward. I learn and see something new every session and will continue to. Very experienced and connected.