Warm weather ending Saturday, winter will return to the Czech Republic

Clouds, cold temperatures, and precipitation will dominate the coming week's forecast.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 21.01.2021 12:04:00 (updated on 21.01.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

The unseasonably warm weather in the Czech Republic will end during the weekend. Temperatures will be higher than usual until Saturday. A cold front will then enter the country, bringing with it a possibility of more snow, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

Next week will be wintery, as cold and wet ocean air will come from the west to the northwest. There will be occasional and clouds. In the second half of the week, precipitation in the lower elevations could gradually turn into rain or mixed snow and rain. mixed or rain.

Today will be partly cloudy to cloudy with occasionally fog. Temperatures should reach 5 degrees in Prague, and in the mountains around 1 degree.

Friday, Jan 22, in Prague should be partly cloudy, reaching up to 10 degrees according to some forecasts, with lows around 3 degrees. In the western part of the Czech Republic there could be occasionally light rain or drizzle. Temperatures will drop below freezing in parts of the country. Snow could fall at elevations over 800 meters. In Moravia there could be fog, and even freezing fog.

Czech weather sayings for Jan. 22 say that if it is sunny then the wine harvest and rye harvest will be abundant, in not then they will be poor. These traditional folk sayings, though, are only accurate on a chance level.


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Saturday will continue to be cloudy in Prague, with temperatures dropping to a high around 4 degrees and a low of -1 degree. The highest daily temperatures will be in the eastern part of the country, reaching up to 7 ° C. There could be freezing rain or snow in parts of the country, including Prague.

On Sunday, clouds should decrease. Prague temperatures should reach a high of 3 degrees and low of -1 degree, with a slight possibility of freezing rain. Much of the country will see the same conditions.

The entire next week will likely be at typical winter temperatures, with clouds and occasional precipitation. Monday in Prague will see temperatures between 3 degrees and freezing. Night temperatures in some parts of the country could call as low as -9 degrees.

Czech weather sayings for Monday, Jan. 25, foretell disasters including famine and war if there is snow or rain.

The weather forecast up until Thursday, Jan 28, calls for cloudy and partly cloud skies, periods of precipitation, and temperatures ranging from highs around 5 degrees and lows down to -8 degrees,

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