4 Kids: Toulcův dvůr

Expats.cz visits this community farm project in Hostivař

Eva Howlings

Written by Eva Howlings Published on 22.06.2011 10:59:09 (updated on 22.06.2011) Reading time: 4 minutes


Toulcův dvůr

https://www.expats.cz/resources/whatisit.jpgCommunity farm project and center for environmental education. This is a space for all kinds of community activities. People with disabilities can care for animals as occupational therapy. Little kids can learn about ecology. The area is free to walk around in, offering a glimpse of life on a farmstead. I say farmstead, because it’s not a proper farm in the sense of having acres and acres of land, growing crops, and raising livestock commercially. They do grow herbs, which can be bought here, and have a good selection of typical farm animals. It’s a nicely restored farmhouse from hundreds of years ago, so if you’re looking for a place to just step out of city life a while, you can hop on a metro and a bus and you’re there.

Kubátova 32 /1, in Prague 10 – Hostivař. From Skalka metro station or Opatov, you can take Bus No. 177 to the stop called “Toulcův dvůr”

1-2 hours.

Toulcův dvůr is home to a preschool, so be mindful of little ones. It goes without saying that harassment of any animals is unacceptable. Children who are not accustomed to seeing farm animals might get excited and try to touch animals. This makes some animals feel threatened, but the kids just really want to make contact. Even if they mean no harm, it’s best to rein in a child who is trying to grab the animals. Visitors are also not to feed the animals.


Walk down the path that leads through the woods, or you will miss seeing the cow, goats, and sheep. You’ll also find: a natural materials “playground” in the lower field; a library/resource center; a “healthy” restaurant (where you can buy shots); two roomy gazebos for all-weather picnics, one near the horse corral and one near the cows; a bio shop, and another terrace shop where you can buy the farm’s own herbs; and accommodation.

On some days, the community activities spread into the other buildings that surround the courtyard. We checked the calendar of events page and found out about traditional Czech Easter Egg painting and another time we got to view the youngest spring animals up close. It’s best to visit the farm when there’s some event happening, even if you don’t manage to understand what’s spoken – you’ll still get more out of the experience than if you just self-tour the farm.


https://www.expats.cz/resources/howsthefood.jpgThere is a non-smoking “health” cafeteria with plenty of seating. It serves a hot mid-day meal, the usual fare, plus some local farm specialties.

Parking is free and there is space for about 10 vehicles.

Farm grounds: 8:00 – 18:00, Cafeteria 10:00 – 17:00

An ideal place for stroller-age kids and toddlers, because it’s a safe place where they can explore, and see the real life versions of animals they have only seen in picture books. Older kids can (maybe) get interested in the concept of agriculture. You could talk about the differences betweens factory farming (where we get most of our food) and small scale farms, like this one.


It’s a very safe place. True, one of my own kids fell from a woodpile, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to be climbing it in the first place. Spray some tick repellant on your feet, though; the grass is tall.


Excellent value for money. Having a wander around is free. Workshops will cost less than 50 CZK a person or so, depending what materials will be used.


When I tried to translate Toulcův, the word didn’t exist in that form, so slovnik.cz gave me closest related words: wander, ramble, stroll. And that seems about right, even if there’s no relation. Here is a place to stretch out your legs and get a fresh whiff of air. Unless you come for an event, there isn’t all that much to do on the farm, besides sit and watch the animals. It’s not like a kids funhouse, with cars to ride around on and playground. But you will see at least two pigs, one cow and her calf, a herd of sheep and another herd of goats, rabbits, chickens, and geese.

It’s a fine thing that one minute you can be exiting the cinema at Park Hostivař shopping complex, and only minutes later you are walking down a forest path, headed to see some goats and sheep, frolicking on a hillside. That’s the essence of the experience, to me. The animals are minding their own business. The rabbits lump around, or sit in their hutches. Chickens zig zag around. Pigs lay their sty. All the animals are behaving exactly as you would expect – on a well-managed micro-farm.

The area is tucked between the last remaining fields between Spořilov and Hostivař. Just across the way begins Hostivař nature preserve. So it’s surrounded by paneláks, but what’s impressive is how Toulcův dvůr makes use of the land. If you’re driving, you’ll see how the surrounding neighborhood is just adorable. Old but well kept villas line the hilly cobblestone streets. This is a trip perhaps best joined with a stop at the Hostivař reservoir, which is quite close. 

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