A newly opened hangout brings Prague's Nusle valley back to life

The city district of Prague 2 has completed the restoration of the last part of the Folimanka park under the Nusle bridge.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 18.08.2022 16:15:00 (updated on 18.08.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

In recent years, Prague has transformed a number of previously unused areas into inviting spaces for urban relaxation. In addition to its numerous parks and playgrounds, these shared spaces continue to lend to the city's urban appeal.

This week sees the opening of another newly revitalized hangout zone. The Jammertal leisure area completes the restoration of the Folimanka part under the Nusle Bridge, which connects Prague 2 and Prague 4.

The new multifunctional area is equipped with facilities for a number of activities and sports, offering visitors year-round use but has a particularly interesting connection to roller sports -- the world's oldest skateboarding statue is located here.

The bronze of legendary skater Skejťák was created by sculptor Jaroslav Hladký. The renovated artwork, which is the world’s oldest skateboarding statue, returned to Folimanka just a few weeks after its artist celebrated his 80th birthday.

The statue was created in 1981, and a year later was installed in Folimanka. In 2006, a vandal destroyed the statue by cutting off its arms and most likely selling them to a scrap yard, writes Czech Radio.

Some four years ago, Pavel Friš, the writer behind a website dedicated to the history of Vyšehrad, started the search for the long-lost statue. He discovered that it was hidden in a depository of the Prague 2 district. Friš managed to raise more than CZK 250,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to renovate the statue.

The name "Jammertal" originates from the original German name of the Nusle Valley "Jammer Tal" or "Valley of Lamentations" from the time of devastation during the Thirty Years' War. Locals still refer to Nusle Valley in Czech as "Jamrtál."

From spring to autumn, the park is open for roller sports, in the winter the area will transform into an ice rink open to the public. There are also two pétanque courts, a space for yoga, ping-pong tables, and interactive water features for children.

With numerous benches and tables, designated barbecue spaces, and outdoor book booths, Jammertal invites lingering of the non-athletic variety, as well. It also adds more greenery to the cityscape.

"Part of the revitalization was the improvement of the gardens, hundreds of new trees and bushes and thousands of plants were added to the park," the district of Prague 2 said in a press release.

Another unique addition is that of a children's poetry machine that sings and makes animal sounds.

"We presented the poetry mat project years ago on Náměstí Míru. Now we have succeeded in following up on the pilot project and are bringing another unique item, the world's first children's poetry mat," said a spokesperson.

Another improvement to the park's infrastructure connects the existing upper and lower paths of the park. It begins with a staircase with a view that leads around the cascade and connects to the main path running through the entire area.

The entire renovation project cost the town hall more than CZK 35.7 million. However, it is certainly not the last one: the city district plans to reconstruct the brick slope and complete the revitalization of the cascade, which used to be a local landmark.

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