The 10 best activities for families in Prague this week: December 16–22

A sweet take on the nativity scene, Christmas fairy tales for the whole family, and a robotics holiday workshop make this week's to-do list

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 15.12.2019 09:59:03 (updated on 15.12.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

December 16, National Theatre (New Stage)
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The new mini-opera About Smolíček was specially written for the Children’s Opera Prague. The story revolves around a disobedient boy named Smolíček, taken by a deer with golden antlers. The performance is accompanied by a small orchestra.

A new opera for kids, Smolíček, debuts on the New Stage of the National Theatre, December 16

Advent Workshop
December 18, Culture Center Knoflík
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Drop by Café Knoflík from 3 pm to 7 pm to craft small and creative Christmas gifts and participate in festive activities

Prague Youth Theatre Advanced: The Canterbury Tales Part 2
December 19, U Mecenáše
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Under the eye of Chaucer himself, pilgrims recount tales to entertain their companions on the road to Canterbury. The comic, bawdy, and sometimes sublime theatrical tales and their tellers are a testament to Chaucer’s insight into human nature. By Geoffrey Chaucer. Adapted for the stage by Mike Poulton.

Prague Youth Theatre presents Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales,” December 19

Christmas theater and art workshop
December 19, Municipal Library
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A free Christmas fairy tale (30 minutes), “Grandpa with a beard all over” about a lonely old man at Christmas is performed by the the Anička and Airplane theater troupe. A holiday-themed art workshop will follow the performance. 

Christmas of Our Great Grandmothers
December 20-January 1, 2020, Toulcův dvůr
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The already cozy Baroque-era farmstead is livening things up for Christmas complete with an exhibition of nativity scenes in their stables as well as workshops for making gingerbread and live carolling and other activities.

Exhibits, workshops, and performance devoted to the theme of an old-fashioned Christmas from December 20 at Toulcův dvůr

Christmas Theater at Jazz Dock
December 21
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A puppet folk play featuring shepherds, devils, angels, birth of Jesus, and the adoration of kings. The play is partially sung, hear some lesser known carols and all-time favorites, with singing along encouraged! In Czech.

Gingerbread Nativity Scene
December 21-January 26, Church of St. Matthew
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Prague has a beautiful number of nativity scenes on display during the advent season though this one is especially consisting of more than 300 hand-decorated gingerbread pieces portraying from different regions of Bohemia. No nibbling!

The Church of St. Matthew in Prague 6 unveils its annual Gingerbread Nativity Scene, December 21

Robotic Christmas at Muddum
December 22
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Prepare robotic hands, mobile belts, and Lego ornaments using special robotic kits by Lego Education WeDo 2.0 (children aged 6-8 years) or Mindstorms EV3 (children 9+); build and program mechanisms and robots to help speed up Christmas preparations.

Fun with robotics and Lego at Muddum, December 22

Star of Bethlehem 
December 22, MAT Cinema
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An afternoon of Czech Christmas fairy tales, including Mole and the Green Star will be screened at Prague’s smallest movie theater. While the films are in the original Czech, many of them have very little dialogue and promise visual wonder for all languages.

Both Kino MAT and Kino Aero are screening Christmas fairy tales on December 22

Aeroschool Kids
December 22, Kino Aero
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Spend the afternoon catching Christmas fairy tales followed by a creative workshop called Decorators, where children use geometry to design patterns for wrapping paper and Christmas decorations. 

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