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Ryan Scott

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With summer feeling like it is right on top of us, you might be wondering what is on offer to keep your kids amused through July and August. Czech kids are pretty well-catered for in this department with a range of activities from outdoor sports to music and language. But what about the younger expat set? What’s on offer for them? No worries, there are a range of camps to suit the tastes of both your creatively inclined offspring as well as your budding sporting types.

Eurocamp (
Eurocamp, which has been running for 15 years, offers 11 day camp programs through July and August in Southern Bohemia near the Lužnice River. Activities offered include canoeing, hiking, volleyball, football, ping pong, Frisbee and forest games as well as one day trip. It´s all supervised by English speaking camp leaders. A typical day at Eurocamp would mean a start at 8:00am with the morning activities beginning at 9:30am. The afternoon program, which begins at 3pm, is concerned with the camp’s play, which is based on an annual theme.

Justin Osswald, one of the camp leaders, says the camp attracts a large mix of children from around the world, including Georgia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Japan, Korea, the USA and of course the Czech Republic. With such a diverse mix of nationalities, English is the common tongue among the kids.

“The kids are very responsible and very inclusive. From my experience they don’t form cliques. Not from what I’ve seen. In fact, the Czech kids go out of their way to invite the foreign kids to take part in their activities,” Osswald says.

AGES: 7 – 16 years
PRICE: 189 Euros / 5,050 CZK* for 11 days
DATES: Two 11-day camps from 1 July and 11 July and two more from 11 August and 21 August.

English 4 You (
English 4 You is run by the same organization as Eurocamp, but as the name suggests the focus is on learning English. The camps are held for eight days and also take place at a campsite near the Lužnice in Southern Bohemia. The daily schedule of the campers is the same as at Eurocamp, except that five hours of English lessons a day are offered in place of the morning’s outdoor activities.

This would suit kids for whom neither English nor Czech are a first language and who need to brush up on those language skills. According to Osswald, the camp has included children from Germany, Russia and Georgia.

AGES: 7 – 17 years
PRICES: 175 Euros* / 4,690 CZK
DATES: 21 July to 11 August, first block of three 8-day camps, 9 to 30 August second block of three 8-day camps.

Greenways Biking Summer Camp for youth
This program is run as a joint project between Kučera Znojmo and the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation. The camp is open for kids aged 6 to 14 and as the name suggests the emphasis is on cycling. The camp is located at a campsite in Malý Ratmírov. The distance ridden depends on the age and ability of kids with about 15 km/day for the littlest ones and about 45km/day for the biguns.

Apart from cycling, the campers are taken through all the principals of bike care, first aid and road awareness. The intention of the latter is to ensure they will be able to handle their bicycle with higher safety. One of the team leaders, Jan Březík, says the children respond well to this training and are very enthusiastic to learn as much as they can.

Safety is a keyword with the cycling club and the group’s representative and Březík shared some of their procedures. The groups ride in single file with a leader at the front and one at the rear. When crossing intersections, Březík explained that one leader stops traffic coming from the left and a second stops the traffic on the right while the first leader guides the children around the corner. All the children are equipped with brightly colored vests and helmets are a must. A support car accompanies the children on the cycling trips with food, water and first aid supplies.

But it’s not all biking. The kids also have the opportunity to go canoeing and play games. Plus there is a camp Olympics held every year. For the non-English speaking kids there are English lessons, but Březík said that as more English speaking kids join, the program will change to accommodate them and there may be less of a need for lessons.

AGES: 6 – 14 years
PRICE: 160 Euro / 4250 CZK
DATES: 25 July to 8 August

Art Mill (
Barbara Benish is an American artist who has been living in the Czech Republic since 1993. The emphasis of her camp is creativity. As Benish says, the camp is about “how to open up creative paths for kids to be able to access that way their entire lives. No matter what we do in the future, creative thinking is a vital part to a healthy and fulfilling life. So we have all kinds of art and theater, music, dance and sports, too.”

Art is not the only activity at Art Mill. They focus also on the environment and sustainable living. Benish was keen to point out, “Since we have a small farm here, the kids are able to experience what it is to grow ones own food, and be able to pick things fresh from the garden. We pass on the value of protecting and caring for the nature around us, which is really about community and world co-operation.”

The camp also takes a bilingual approach to language with English for those who want to learn or Czech for the non-Czech speakers. This year they are also hoping to run Italian and Chinese. All the language courses are run by native speakers.

AGES: 6 – 16 years
PRICE: 500 Euros / 13,400 CZK
DATES: 5 to 15 July

Czech International Hockey Camp (
If your child is cut out more for the ice than art, you might want to try this camp. The camp has two facilities one at Nymburk and the other at Benatky nad Jizerou. The towns are 40 km and 30 km from Prague respectively.

Signing up for this camp means seven days of quite intensive training with a typical day comprising of one and half hours of training on ice from 9am, followed by an hour and fifteen minutes of dry land exercise, which can include drills and other sports as well as hockey theory. Then it’s lunch and some r’n’r before heading back to the ice at 3pm for another hour and a half. English is the official language of the camp.

AGES: 6 – 18 years
PRICE: 590 Euros / 15 750 CZK*
DATES: 28 June to 4 July; 5 to 11 July; 12 to 18 July.

Neverland Artventure Summer Camp (
This summer camp is specifically suited for the youngest expats out there. The classes are a mix of Czech and international kids. The camp, which is run at Divoká Šarka in Prague 6 and nearby Nebušievice, offers a range of outdoor activities along with creative pursuits such as dance, arts and crafts, drama and cooking, all of which are taught in English.

The principal, Vanessa Gendron, stressed that the school program was oriented to occur outside as much as possible, which she felt was the main difference between this and other programs. “The children get a real experience of nature. The camp is definitely for the young nature and art lover. We even aim to make them ecologically aware”

Ecology at this age? How is it possible? “We try to make the children conscious of recycling, composting and just generally taking care of the natural environment. Whenever we go to Divoká Šarka, for example to the swimming pool, we and the kids clean up, and the kids love it. We also have a garden where they learn to appreciate how to care for plants. Because there are a lot of snails here, the children have to protect the plants from them. But they learn to do it in a humane and eco-friendly way. Some kids even adopt the snails as pets. There is also a goat, so they learn how to care for larger animals as well.”

AGES: 3 – 10 years
PRICES: 4900 CZK / week
DATE: 22 June to 8 August. The camp is offered in either one week or two week blocks, with an option for combinations.

Modre Nebe (
Just so it isn’t the Czech kids who get all the language training there is a possibility for French lesson through this organization. There is a half day program 8-13h and whole day program 8-16h.

According to one of the teachers, the program is quite varied. “Every day is a surprise for children. The morning is full of work. Sometimes we change into pirates or gardeners, we sing and dance to a lot of French songs, we cook together French specialties. Afternoon is more relaxing, children can sleep or play together.”
The school is quite highly regarded and was selected as the sole school in the Czech Republic to participate in the project “European Year of Languages 2001

AGES: 1 – 5 years
PRICES: 2800Kč half day / 4000Kč whole day
DATE: 30 June to 29 August

*Actual exchange rates may vary

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