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Ciaran Kelly dines at the restaurant & music bar Staff

Written by Staff Published on 17.10.2007 10:08:35 (updated on 17.10.2007) Reading time: 4 minutes

Written by Ciaran Kelly

If you´re attracted to or inspired by bronze statues of snakes, then this is the place for you. Infinity Restaurant & Music Bar is a ground floor establishment with a disco bar underneath.  One enters the restaurant and is immediately confronted by a 4 or 5 meter long bronze snake, which hangs over your head and greets all entrants as it wraps itself over the stairs which lead to the club.

After this initial thrill, the décor is rather pleasant.  Short and low brick walls in the interior separate the bar from the restaurant, almost giving the place a bar-b-que feeling.  Hundreds of dried flowers cover the walls and ceiling, and long grass serves as curtains against all the windows. Rating
From our plate
35 CZK Piccolo Coffee
85 CZK Pistaccio Ice Cream
75 CZK Svatovavřinecké Rose
90 CZK Rulandské White
30 CZK Bonaqua Mineral Water
45 CZK Asparagus Soup
135 CZK 3 Meat Shiskabobs
335 CZK Tournedos
175 CZK Maxi Ravioli
85 CZK Small Garden Salad
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Up front, I made a tactical blunder.  When I entered I was speaking Czech to my guest, and the staff heard this as they greeted us.  For the rest of the meal, I always spoke English, and they replied in Czech.  I did ask for, and received, a menu in English, and all my requests, spoken in English, were answered correctly, but in Czech.

I started my meal with an asparagus cappuccino with cheese stick (45 CZK). This is the first time I ever had a cappuccino soup, and it was terrific.  My guest said that her meat shish-kabobs, served on polníček lettuce and dipped in chili and garlic sauce (135 CZK) were good enough to be a complete meal in and of themselves.  The sauces were rich.  One note: the chili was a Thai version and not a Tex-Mex.
We were served unasked for pečivo (fresh bread), and were surprised by fresh onion breadyes! 

Very good start, I must say.

For the main course, I chose homemade maxi ravioli with mushroom filling, veggies and crčme fraiche (175 CZK).  My guest had the tourets veal fillet, grilled corn cob, cream truffle sauce with potatoes au gratin (335 CZK).  Believe me, her choice was superior.  My ravioli was a very small portion, and the vegetables were a tiny amount of minced carrots, cabbage, onions and cucumber, in all no more than one tablespoon full.  The ravioli and veggies, such as they were, were very well cooked and soft.  Honestly, there was a lot more crčme than veggies and ravioli.  Very tasty, but I wish there was more of it.  Contrast that to my guest´s meal: the veal was tender, very large portion, which was cooked to perfection. The potatoes au gratin piled high and full of flavor.  The food was very high quality in taste.

At this point I must comment on the presentation of the meals, it was incredible.  The food was served on oblong shaped china, and the cutlery was wrapped, not in a napkin, but in a small bronze serpent.  Very clever, and smart.  I was favorably impressed.

65 wines are offered from the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Spain; the highest price was 1800 CZK.  For those who favor champagne, this was available, topping off with Moët Dom Perignon at 5500 CZK per bottle.


After the meal, I was still a bit hungry so I asked for a garden salad (85 CZK).  It was fresh and accompanied by flame designed oil and vinegar dispensers.  Again, the style was impressive.

For dessert we ordered the vanilla ice cream with chopped pistachios and white chocolate sauce under a caramel hood (85 CZK).  It was terrific.

Overall the presentation and food quality were superior.  The service was average.  I can be polite and say that we weren´t rushed by the staff. I could be harsh and say that we were practically ignored.  We actually had to ask for them to come to us so that we could order dessert, and never once did the waiter or waitress smile nor ask if we enjoyed our meal. We were one of three tables, so they were not suffering from a mad rush/busy time

This is not a child-friendly establishment.  This place is for romantic dinners or business meals.

Vegetarians beware, you get a grand total of one hors d-oeuvre, one soup, two salads and two pastas to choose from. That is all.

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible.  Parking is very difficult in the area;  one will find it easier to use the metro (Flora station).

Ambience was really for privacy. 80´s and 90´s pop music played (Billy Ocean, Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind and Fire et al).  The music level was low enough to be able to speak without having to raise one´s voice.

It´s a smokers´ restaurant, with ash trays on every table, and the bathrooms were clean but had sex club averts on the walls.

No cover charge, no hidden fees.

Over all, the cooks did their job to the highest degree possible.  The waiter and waitress did not.

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