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What to keep in mind when considering higher education in CR Staff

Written by Staff Published on 12.05.2004 17:53:00 (updated on 12.05.2004) Reading time: 3 minutes

Written by Ivana Prosserova
Assistant Coordinator, UNYP

In general, anyone interested in studying at a university, whether in Prague or elsewhere, should first of all have thought about the following issues:

  • what type of study you are interested in – university or post-graduate studies
  • what field or specialization you´re interested in
  • whether you want to study in a Czech or an international program
  • how much money you are willing to invest in your studies
  • how much time you want to devote to your studies
  • in what language you want to study 

Higher Education in the Czech Republic
Foreigners who wish to study in the Czech Republic have many posibilities. Basically, there operate two groups of schools that offer higher education programs –  24 public and 30 private schools. The list of these 54 schools can be found on the web page of the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES) (There is also a shorter English version of these pages

Some Czech public universities also offer programs in English. A survey of universities with their programs and all kinds of contacts is also available on

The private universities can be devided to three groups – Czech universities that offer Czech programs, Czech universities with foreign programs, and foreign universities with American, Spanish, Russian, Czech, or Slovak accreditation.

The postgraduate studies in the Czech Republic.
In addition to the Doctoral studies that public universities offer there are also other  postgraduate programs – some of them taught in foreign languages.

U.S. Business School Praha (USBSP) provides both 1-year full-time MBA program in  cooperation with the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, taught exclusively in English and also some Certificate programs. The Czech Management Center in Čelakovice (CMC), also offers different MBA programs in cooperation with foreign universities. There are some other business schools, e.g. The Prague International Business School (PIBS) and the Brno International Business School (BIBS) that offer MBA programs. Those who are interested in this type of studies can find more information about the programs on the web pages of these schools.

One of the Czech private universities that offers a wide variety of programs taught exclusively in English is the University of New York in Prague (UNYP).  It offers a 4-year full-time Bachelor´s program for high school graduates. At the end of the second year of studies students can choose one of two options – either continue their studies at SUNY/New Paltz in the US and get the degree there or continue at UNYP in Prague and get the degree from SUNY Empire State College.

Besides the full-time Bachelor´s program there is also a 3-year weekend
Bachelor‘s program at UNYP that is organized in cooperation with the French university École Supérieure de Commerce et de Management (ESCEM) and students receive a degree from ESCEM.

At the post-graduate level, UNYP offers weekend Master´s and weekend MBA programs as well. The 16-month MBA program is organized in cooperation with ESCEM and students receive their diploma from ESCEM. Two different 1-year Master´s programs are organized in cooperation with US universities. The Master´s in Professional Communication and Public Relations program is organized in cooperation with LaSalle University in Philadelphia, and the Master´s in Human Resource Development and Training is organized in cooperation with the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Students study at UNYP but they receive their diploma from the corresponding US university. The foreign professors coming to teach together with the multinational student body (from 58 countries around the world) create a special international atmosphere at UNYP.

We are sure that people who wish to study during their stay in the Czech Republic can always find some study program that will be interesting for them.

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