Plant-based in Czechia: 10 articles to bookmark on World Vegan Day

Tips for where to eat and shop vegan in Prague and beyond, plus important resources, dates to put on your calendar, and fun facts for vegans in Czechia. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 01.11.2023 16:00:00 (updated on 01.11.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

It’s a good time to be a vegan in the Czech Republic. Major retailers are increasingly making plant-based options available and the growing recognition of environmental and health benefits is spurring diet changes.

But vegans still face challenges. In particular, plant-based meat and dairy alternatives tend to be notably more expensive than conventional animal products, representing an obstacle for some consumers.

However, retailers and organizers of forums like the New Food Conference are working to tackle this issue through commitments to boosting selections and innovations that could eventually make vegan and vegetarian diets more affordable and widely adopted in the Czech lands.

If you're a vegan in the Czech Republic, here are some helpful articles to bookmark covering everything from where to eat and shop to how to tell if what you're buying is certified vegan.

Fun facts about veganism in Czechia

  • Did you know that famed Czech writer Franz Kafka was a vegetarian?
  • The number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Czech Republic totals 232, meaning 21.6 restaurants per million inhabitants.
  • In Prague there are 4.2 vegan restaurants per capita, making it one of Europe's most vegan-friendly cities.
  • Vegans and vegetarians in Czechia tend to be educated and span a wide age range, mostly between 18 to 30 years old. Vegetarianism is more common among older people than veganism.
  • According to research by Ipsos, in 2020 one in ten Czechs completely or partially eliminated meat from their diets.
  • Following the invasion of Ukraine, The Vegetus company, specializing in vegan and vegetarian sausages moved production from Kharkiv to Česká Ves near Jeseník. 

Important online resources for vegans in Czechia

  • Vegan Fighter One of the largest Czech vegan portals. Check their Instagram for upcoming event details.
  • ProVeg International organization raising awareness about food choices and replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives.
  • Veggiezone Community website for vegans, vegetarians, and dieters.
  • Veganství One of the largest Czech public Facebook pages for the vegan community.
  • Portal with vegan recipes, articles on veganism, and instructions on becoming vegan.
  • Veggies Abroad Provides vegan guides to locations around the world.
  • Veggies Visa Focused on veganism and living cruelty-free, aiming to provide information and resources to help people adopt a vegan lifestyle through educational articles.
  • Happy Cow A search tool to find vegan food and drinks options near you, complete with tips, a blog, recipes, and a large community.

Eating vegan outside of Prague

Vegan events to put on your calendar

  • Veggie Vánoce on Dec. 17, 2023, is a vegan Christmas market.
  • Veganfest is typically held in March in Brno. (2024 dates TBD).
  • Veggie Náplavka on May 5, 2024, is a tasting festival of the best plant-based foods in Czechia.

World Vegan Day on Nov. 1 commemorates the founding of The Vegan Society in 1944. It was established by vegan activist Louise Wallis in 1994 to mark the society's 50th anniversary and promote veganism. As the oldest vegan organization, The Vegan Society coined the terms "vegan" and "veganism."

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