Prague international school enters the second year of its 'learning renaissance'

Leonardo da Vinci Academy helps learners reach their full potential by using the history and culture of a thousand-year-old city as a classroom. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 24.04.2022 17:13:00 (updated on 03.08.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

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Leonardo da Vinci Academy has been busy preparing for its second year of inspiring future leaders and innovators. The doors of its brand-new campus in the heart of Prague will open in September 2022 for primary, secondary, and gymnasium students.

A renaissance person is someone who is well-versed in many subjects. Leonardo da Vinci Academy is creating a new generation of renaissance people by offering students of all ages a range of educational programs based on decades of experience and best practices. This education will be the key to their successful futures.

Leonardo da Vinci Academy delivers a holistic experience where no child is left behind. Class sizes with a maximum of 16 students ensure that every learner receives the attention they need to overcome weakness or to push them beyond their limits to reach their full potential.

The Academy’s vision centers on “Prague as the classroom,” using the history, culture, and opportunities provided by the thousand-year-old city.

Students may begin the school day in a classroom studying maths, but finish the day following the footsteps of Johannes Kepler, learning about his work in Prague as the imperial mathematician..

“As one of the oldest, most beautiful cities in the world, Prague serves as a source of never-ending learning experiences,” founding Principal Justin Kilcullen-Nichols says.

Leonardo da Vinci Academy’s renaissance in learning is built upon the combined experiences of the best educational systems in the world. Students from age 5 to 11 study a tailor-made curriculum based on the renowned International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC is influenced by progressive pedagogy, metacognition, and primary education best practices. It can be tailored to fit the children’s needs while developing their knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Communication skills are essential for success, which is why languages are a core part of Leonardo da Vinci Academy. Students begin language acquisition in English through the award-winning Jolly Phonics programme. They learn to read and write rather than just speak English, while also developing their Czech language skills.

International students are offered mother-tongue lessons so they can be fluent in the language of their home country. This much-valued opportunity has been eagerly accepted by our French-, Russian-, and Ukrainian-speaking students.

Mathematics and English utilize the curriculum specifications of Pearson Edexcel, the world's largest body for awarding British-style international qualifications.

Students aged 11 and above begin the path towards university through Pearson Edexcel iSecondary, followed by the world-class IGCSEs and finally the gold standard in pre-university qualifications; the IB.

The teaching staff is as diverse as the curriculum. The academy’s qualified teachers come from Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, Chile, France, Italy, Ukraine, and Germany. The team is led by British educator Kilcullen-Nichols, who brings over 15 years of international education experience to the school, working closely with visionary, owner, and founder Věra Komárová.

Komárová is also the owner of Dermacol, a successful Czech brand of cosmetics. Komárová created the school, not as a business, but to provide the best education for her daughters.

Admissions dates are scheduled for May 3, 17, and 26, 2022.

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