Giant Forest Slide to Open in Krkonoše Mountains

From July 2, a new tree-top trail is opening in Krkonoše; it will be the highest observation tower in the Czech Republic Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 26.06.2017 11:56:54 (updated on 26.06.2017) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech Republic, with some 350+ lookout towers to its name, including a popular treetop walkway in Lipno, currently holds first place as the country with the most such structures in the world.

Early next month sees an important addition to the Czechia’s list of leafy lookouts: Stezka Korunami Stromů in the Janské Lázně region of the Krkonoše mountains, opening on July 2.

Building of the new, dazzlingly-high trailway commenced last September; construction costs reportedly reached 170 million CZK.

The new tree-top walk boasts several features that make it unique not only to the Czech Republic but the world, including a subterranean exhibition space—and a giant slide winding down the observation tower.

The 1,300m trail offers 45-meter-high views of the forest’s impressive stands of 150-year-old trees and the opportunity to learn about its other indigenous flora and fauna.

A large exhibit cave lets visitors examine the intricate roots system of the tree species and is the only of its kind in the Czech Republic and possibly the world, according to the Czech and German developers behind the project, who also built the tower at Lipno.


Perhaps the most highly anticipated attraction is a giant slide winding 50 meters along the observation tower which takes visitors from top to bottom.

“The idea behind the project is to strengthen the positive relationship of people to nature and its protection,” say administrators of the Krkonoše National Park who have organized the educational program of the trail, adding:

“The trail will be accessible to all. Throughout its length will be wheelchair accessible. The goal is to get everyone to enjoy a walk.”

The walkway is the highest observation tower in the Czech Republic and the longest structure of its kind in Europe. (See our article on 5 Czech Look-Out Towers for the history of the phenomenon in the Czech lands).

For more information on the opening day celebration see the official website.

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