Fun things to do in Prague, September 10-13: Free castle entry, railway day, and an icon is 125

As Prague heads into fall, with facemasks firmly in place, we've got this week's best open-air and activities Staff

Written by Staff Published on 10.09.2020 12:50:17 (updated on 10.09.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

While we make every attempt to ensure that this information is accurate at the time of publication, given the current epidemiological situation in Prague, please confirm with the venue on the day of the event and always ensure proper hygiene and follow mask-wearing protocols when attending events.


Grab´s Villa – Prague 8/ photo via Facebook

  • Ongoing through Oct 31: Julia Fučíka (link)
  • Premiere: Sept 9-Oct 6 — David Černý exhibit (link)
  • Sept 11: Exhibition Mikuláš Medek: Naked in a Thorn Bush (link)
  • Sept 12-20: European Heritage Days event — museums, castles open for free or reduced fee (link)


Žižkovská loutka/ photo via Facebook

  • Sept 12: PID Railway day (link)
  • Sept 12: Open-air painting for children (link)
  • Sept 12: Žižkov puppets 2020 (link)
  • Sept 13: Losers Cirque Company at BRAVO Theater (link)
  • Sept 13: Docs for Kids: Karla & Nordahl + My Letter to the Oilmen + Winter Lake (link)


  • Sept 10: Dario Argento’s Suspiria (link)
  • Sept 11: Mexico Prague International Film Festival (link)
  • Sept 11: One World Film Festival (link)
  • Sept 12: Free Willy and Sharknado 3 at Baden Baden (link)


  • Sept 12: Prague Swim (link)
  • Sept 12: Wannado Festival — sports for kids (link)


Beer and Burger Festival 2019/ photo via Facebook

  • Sept 10-11: Wild game & seafood at Manifesto Market (link)
  • Sept 11: Počernický beer festival (link)
  • Sept 11-12: Vinohrady Wine Festival (link)
  • Sept 11-12: Small and micro Czech breweries tasting at Naplavka (link)
  • Sept 12: Apple Fest in Ctěnice (link)
  • Sept 12: Beer and Cider at Smichov (link)
  • Sept 13: Beer and Burger Festival at Karlínské náměstí (link)

Markets and Swaps

  • Sept 12: Flowers market at National Museum of Agriculture (link)
  • Sept 12: Prague Hypebeast Market (link)
  • Sept 12: Prague market celebrates 125 years (link)
  • Sept 13:  Letenský jarmark (link)


  • Sept 8-28 Prague SEPTEMBER (link|article)
  • Sept 11: Avishai Cohen Trio (link)
  • Sept 11 thru December: Strings of Autumn Festival (link)


  • Sept 10-13: Czech Design week (link)
  • Sept 11-13: United Islands of Prague German edition (link)
  • Sept 12: Malostranské courtyards (link)
  • Sept 12: Japanese day at Park Průhonice (link)


Never Sol at Screenshot/ photo via Goout

  • Sept 10-12: Screenshot Anniversary Party with Never Sol and more (link)
  • Sept 10: YOGA Kolektiv at Containall (link)
  • Sept 12 Boat Party: Manene (link)

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