Docs for Kids: Karla & Nordahl + My Letter to the Oilmen + Winter Lake Provided by Goout

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Karlín Barracks Prvního pluku 20/2, Praha 8

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Karla & Nordahl / Elisabeth Aspelin / Norway 2019 / 19 min – Six-year-old Karla is a bright and well-spoken girl. Although younger than her brother Nordahl, she must help her sibling more than normal. Nordahl suffers from epilepsy and learning difficulties. Sometimes Karla would like to replace Nordahl with a “normal” sister, but she knows this is not an option, even though Nordahl’s difference sometimes annoys her intensely. In most cases, however, their daily lives and problems aren’t much different from a normal sibling relationship. Karla likes to dance to pop hits and try on different costumes in front of the mirror, and Nordahl cuddles with plush toys. Karla knows she is one of the most important people in her beloved brother’s life, so she shoulders the weight of responsibility.

My Letter to the Oilmen / Xander de Boer / Niger 2018 / 15 min – A 14-year-old boy ekes out a living with his mother and six siblings in the slums of the Nigerian city of Yenagoa. His entire life has been affected by the nearby refinery, which is responsible for the heavily polluted environment. Oil is in the soil and in the water, simply everywhere. The oil catastrophe claimed the life of Papilou’s little brother and is responsible for the break-up of his parents’ marriage. When he plays football with his friends, he must often retrieve the ball from a pool of hot oil. He decides to write a letter to the oil giant Shell asking for help.

Winter Lake / Petteri Saario / Finland 2019 / 15 min – 13-year-old Emika and her cousin Antti like to camp together under a tent, especially in winter. “All you need is a good tent, a sleeping bag and warm clothes,” she says about her original hobby. Lake Saimaa, where the two teenagers go on holiday, is a vast and beautiful area of the Finnish countryside. During winter, its entire surface is covered with a continuous layer of glistening snow and ice, beneath which lies a fascinating and colourful world of animals and plants. “Friends think I’m crazy when I camp under a tent in winter,” says Emika, who dreams of one day seeing a seal up close. She has no problem sleeping in the tent in temperatures of -15 degrees or catching fish in the lake for dinner. Of course, you have to take a few selfies at your campsite, and then head off to a natural sauna!