From protests to flags, Czech officials and citizens show support for Israel

Politicians have fully backed Israel and support the relocation of the Czech embassy to Jerusalem. Many people also attended a protest in Prague Monday. Staff ČTK

Written by StaffČTK Published on 10.10.2023 11:24:00 (updated on 10.10.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czechia is coming together in support of Israel following deadly attacks from the Islamic militant organization Hamas. Many people congregated in Prague to show support for Israel, senior politicians have spoken out against the attacks, and public buildings have hoisted the Israeli flag or lit up in white and blue colors.

Pro-Israel demonstration at Wenceslas Square

On Monday afternoon, around 100 people turned up in Wenceslas Square to voice their support for Israel. The Czech Society of Friends of Israel organized the demonstration, and its organizer Karel Sedláček said: "We want to transform the horror into something positive…and that is precisely the move of the Czech embassy to Jerusalem.”

The Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic, Anna Azari, described current events as being “Israel’s 9/11.” Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda also pledged full support to Israel, and stressed Czechia's "very long relations" with the country.

Demonstrators also carried signs reading: “Killers from Gaza are murdering Jews”, “Israel has the right to exist” or “Prague stands for Israel.” Former Prime Minister Jan Fischer and Senator Jiří Drahoš were also in attendance.

Israeli flags and blue-and-white lights

Aside from Prague’s Petřín Tower, which displayed white and blue colors on Saturday, the Miloš Sýkora bridge and the town hall tower in Ostrava were also illuminated in blue and white Monday night.

Government buildings also made a show of their support: Prague City Hall displayed the flag of Israel Monday afternoon, as did the building of the Chamber of Deputies.

"Showing our support and solidarity in the fight against terrorists is the least we can do. That is why we have hoisted a flag in the lower house of parliament today."

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová

The Foreign Ministry also hoisted the Israeli flag, commenting: “The Czech Republic stands behind Israel.” Several other regional administrative offices, such as in Olomoc and Poděbrady, also displayed Israeli flags.

Moving the embassy in support

Prime Minister Petr Fiala stated Monday that he supports moving the Czech embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel-Aviv, where it is currently located. The Chamber of Deputies could debate the embassy-relocation idea as early as today. On Monday afternoon, Fiala laid flowers in front of the Israeli embassy in Prague.

Our support for Israel is long-standing and, especially in these difficult moments, it is important that we express this support by all available means. That is why I have come to this improvised memorial site today to express my solidarity with the suffering of the Israelis."

Prime Minister Petr Fiala

Fiala also welcomed the EU’s decision to examine the flow of European money to the Palestinian territories in response to Saturday's attack. He wants to discuss the matter in the coalition as soon as possible.

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