Aisa International
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Your Investment Team is Your Premium Asset

As an expat, you may have an array of retirement funds, pensions, savings, government benefits, investments, and income from your home country. Now, you’re faced with the taxes, income, and regulations of a second country. We’re experts in organizing every aspect for your benefit.

As your investment portfolio managers, we’ll create your personal financial plan to eliminate your fears and increase your optimism for your future. There is a world of financial possibilities, but only one you.

To have access to the world’s best financial opportunities, you need to work with a company, like ours, that is licensed, registered, regulated, and chartered in the UK, US, CZ, and across Europe. We are fiduciaries in the US and financial planners in the UK.

We have simple, transparent fees, and take no commissions from the funds and products we recommend.

Contact us to learn how we can make your financial life simple and lucrative, to fund your future.

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