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Eating In: Food delivery options in Prague

Ryan Scott

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Dining at home leaves two possibilities: someone cooks the food and brings it to you or the food is sent to you and you cook it yourself. (I suppose a third is having someone prepare the food for you at home, but we’re not all that lucky). So if you’re too tired or lazy to head to restaurant or shop, here is how the food can come to you.

One way to see if a restaurant delivers is to see if they have the word ‘rozvoz’ mentioned in their advertising. Rozvoz is Czech for delivery. Of course, this only tells you the service is provided – it doesn’t say anything about the quality of the service or the guarantees.

To better ensure you get what you ordered in a reasonable time, the new service Dáme Jídlo is partnering with If you visit this page of restaurants which offer home delivery you will see there is a wide range of places including Italian, Indian, Mexican and burgers which use the service.

Or you can find a restaurant by entering your city and street here to find one of over 300 restaurants in the country which are part of the service, including almost 100 in Prague. You will then be shown the open restaurants which deliver to that location. The number of open restaurants is also shown at the top of the page.

Each restaurant shows the price for delivery, and though some mention free delivery it would be best to check the delivery terms because the free delivery may only apply to a certain area or purchases above a certain value. Among restaurants which charge, delivery costs vary. So do the times.

To use the services you need to sign-in. Ordering is a matter of clicking on the items and filling in contact and payment details.
You’ll be pleased to know that some of Prague’s favorite restaurants can be found on Dáme Jídlo:
Bohemia Bagel
Prague’s famous purveyors of bagels, burgers, and breakfasts offers free delivery. On top of that, they have a range of salads, soups, and sweets. Customers can also add free fries and salad with any burger purchase. Delivery time is estimated at 50 to 70 minutes.

Burrito Loco
Getting mostly positive reviews, this relatively recent addition to Prague’s Mexican scene also comes to your door. Apart from burritos they have all the staples of Mexican cuisine, plus bottled Mexican beers Bohemian, Corona, Dos Equis and Tecate. Delivery is 29 CZK or free for orders under 600 CZK. The delivery time is given at around an hour.
Curry House
This Prague eatery is also getting good reviews. They offer a pretty extensive menu, though the one on Dáme Jídlo is only in Czech. If this is a problem you can check out an English version on their webpage.

Indian Jewel
This is another well-regarded Indian in restaurant, but you don’t have to travel to the center of Prague to enjoy their food. Delivery is free. When ordering a pop-up window will request any extras you might want.

The Pind
The Pind is another of Prague’s respected Indian restaurants. They require a minimum order of 200 CZK for deliveries, which are free in the center of Prague. Otherwise the charge is 50 CZK.

Shalamar Restaurant
And if none of those other options sate your spice requirements, Shalamar will also bring food to your door. Check out their website for the menu in English. Delivery is free.


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Sushi Time
Indian cuisine is not the only food available. For lovers of Japanese, this highly-rated restaurant will deliver for 30 CZK. Minimum purchase is 130 CZK. Apart from a wide range of Japanese meals, they have Japanese beers Saporo and Asahi.


One drawback with delivery is that it can be a lot more expensive than cooking for yourself. But DIY cuisine doesn’t mean you have to miss out, because a number of specialty food places and supermarkets deliver.

Every expat and quite a few Praguers know this place. It’s where to go for quality British sausages and bacon, not to mention comfort foods. You will find Robertson’s at these four locations. Or you can make use of their delivery service, which operates from 11:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday. The fee is 150 CZK unless the order is 1500 CZK and over.

One of the largest supermarket chains operating in the Czech Republic also offers a home delivery service until 22:00 every day. However, you do have to leave a two-hour window for your deliveries. You can check this map to see where they go; greater Prague is covered. Tesco stocks both local and international goods and are quite reliable for the less common items when you’re in a pinch and can’t make it to a specialty shop.

The store sells a wide range of items including food. They have a number of offers for delivery, but the one most pertinent for food is that they charge 200 CZK for orders up to 100 kg (if it’s over that, the charge is 600 CZK).

To be honest, I haven’t heard much about these guys, but they’ve been around since 1995. They deliver groceries for free within a 30 km radius from the center of Prague. They operate Monday to Friday 07:30 to 21:00, but same-day delivery is only for orders placed before 14:00. More details can be found here.

Bio Farma Vavřinec
This is one place which I’ve had a lot of experience. They sell certified organic milk and other dairy products, which are rich and flavorful. They only deliver to Prague on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the minimum order is 600 CZK. Usually, the exact time is worked out on the day and the order can be done online. While the quality of the produce is good, there can be shortages, especially over winter, due to their growth in popularity.

Please let us know about your experiences with food delivery in Prague in the comments section below!

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