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Calling expats everywhere - make sure you have your say!

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Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 27.04.2010 15:04:31 (updated on 27.04.2010) Reading time: 2 minutes

Expat Explorer returns again in 2010

Calling expats everywhere – make sure you have your say!

This week marks the official launch of Expat Explorer – the largest global survey of expats – where expats from all over the world can have their say about life as an expat and the challenges and opportunities they face living and working abroad.

2010 is the third year of the highly insightful survey, which in 2009 saw over 3,100 expats participate from more than 50 countries across the globe, making it the largest independent survey of expats, worldwide.

This year, HSBC Bank International is calling for even more expats to take part to ensure that their adopted country makes it into the 2010 survey and features in the league tables published in the Expat Explorer reports.

“Expats from a huge range of countries took part in the survey last year but we couldn´t feature some locations because there weren´t enough respondents to meet our statistical criteria,” said Lisa Wood, Head of Marketing and Communications at HSBC Bank International.

“We would love to have them involved in 2010 and that´s why we are asking expats from all over the globe to not only fill in the survey themselves, but to also pass it around to any expat friends, family and colleagues in order to make sure that their country doesn´t miss out again.”

The 2010 survey will continue to take an in-depth look at expat life, examining how this unique group experience new cultures, new lifestyles and, importantly, how they have been dealing with a new financial landscape as the world continues to recover from the global economic crisis.  Last year´s survey found that a large percentage of expats had been strongly affected by the global downturn, with a higher number in the UK and US admitting that they were considering a move back to their home country.

Other key findings from the 2009 research included:

·    The US, Thailand and South Africa were the most affected by the global economic crisis
·    Emerging markets ranked above established centres for expat finances
·    Despite the economic crisis, expats were wealthier and saved more than in their country of origin
·    Canada, Australia and Thailand were the top three locations for expat lifestyle, with established markets in general outperforming emerging markets
·    Expats generally enjoy a better quality of life
·    Australia ranked number one for raising children, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong

“In 2009 we were given an excellent insight into how expats had been affected by the changes in the global economic climate, how they had adapted their lifestyles accordingly and also how there was a stark contrast between countries that offered strong prospects for an expat´s finances, and those that offered high quality of living,” said Lisa.

“If you´re an expat and want to find out how your country compares, how your expat counterparts have managed over the last year and even where you might want to go next, make sure you get involved today!”

If you´re an expat, please share your experience of life abroad by filling in the Expat Explorer 2010 survey here.

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