Entire Czech Republic now high-risk red in regional COVID-19 traffic light map

All Czech regions have gone red in the Health Ministry's latest map, indicating continued community transmission of COVID-19


Written by ČTK
Published on 24.10.2020 19:20 (updated on 24.10.2020)

Prague, Oct 24 (CTK) - All 14 Czech regions on the Health Ministry's latest traffic light map of COVID-19 risk are now red, which indicates a high risk of infection and continued community transmission of COVID-19 across the entire country.

On last weekend's map, five districts were still yellow, indicting increased risk and the beginning of community transmission.

The five regions which have turned red this weekend are Plzeň, Ústí, Liberec, Olomouc and Vysočina. The map was updated on Friday and released on the Health Ministry's website.

Traffic light COVID-19 risk map released on October 23 via Czech Health Ministry
Traffic light COVID-19 risk map released on October 23 via Czech Health Ministry

The map has turned red step-by-step from mid-September, when Prague became the first red region.

At that time, all other 13 Czech districts were white, indicating no or negligible risk.

By the end of September, the two central Bohemian districts that surround Prague, Prague-West and Prague-East, turned red on the map.

The green color, which indicates a low risk of COVID-19 without community transmission, disappeared from the map in early October. Central Bohemia, Hradec Králové, Zlín and South Moravia had turned red in the meantime.

A week ago, the red regions were joined by Karlovy Vary, South Bohemia, Pardubice and Moravia-Silesia, with five regions still remaining yellow. Now, even these have turned red.

The Health Ministry launched the traffic light map during the summer, in order for regional public health authorities to consider the extent of anti-virus restrictions to take, such as the closure of schools.

A month ago, Czech Health Minister Roman Prymula stated that the traffic light map was becoming pointless, as it would soon turn completely red as a result of a surging rate of infection.

Before the latest map was released, the government introduced nationwide restrictions. Restaurants have been closed as have retail stores and services, with some exceptions, and the free movement of people has been restricted.