Czech Republic introduces new anti-coronavirus measures, including masks at indoor public events

Officials do not plan to declare a state of emergency like before, the health minister said

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 23.07.2020 18:06:37 (updated on 23.07.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech government is re-introducing a number of measures to help curb the spread of coronavirus across the nation.

Starting at midnight on Saturday, Czech residents across the country will be required to wear masks at indoor events with more than 100 people, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch said at a press conference Thursday.

In addition, the government will restrict the amount of people allowed to gather to a maximum of 500 people starting on Monday, Vojtěch said. At large events, organizers may have to separate people into five groups of 100 people, each with their own entrance for individual groups not to mingle with each other, he said.

However, officials do not plan to declare a state of emergency like before, Vojtěch said.

“We will not introduce any measures that would restrict the economy or the free movement of people. The taken measures react to the information [about the COVID-19 situation] the regional public health centres have released based on their experience with the new clusters,” Vojtěch said.

At this point, it is unclear exactly what types of establishments will be impacted by ban on larger gatherings.


“If it is the case that people go to the bar, where they sit and drink, then it is not a mass event,” said Vojtech.

Vojtěch also clarified that residents will not be required to wear masks in places like shopping centers or trains, which oftentimes have more than 100 people indoors. Prime Minister Andrej Babis has said in the past he believes residents should be required to wear masks on public transit. However, at the moment, residents only have to wear masks on the metro.

The news comes in light of local coronavirus outbreaks across the country and a growing number of new daily cases. The number of daily new cases exceeded 200 on Wednesday and Thursday for the first time in several weeks. In addition, the country now has more than 5,000 active cases of coronavirus for the first time since the pandemic started.

Vojtěch said officials are planning a traffic light map for within the country which will rate locations across the country according to the risk level and the severity of measures in place. The map will have four levels: white, yellow, orange and red.

We will continue to update this developing story. 

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