Czech lawmakers approve bill to simplify process of hiring foreigners

The Chamber of Deputies has passed an amendment to reduce bureaucracy and redefine illegal employment.


Written by ČTK Published on 03.11.2023 16:42:00 (updated on 03.11.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

The Czech Chamber of Deputies has passed a government-proposed amendment to employment legislation aimed at streamlining the process for foreign nationals entering the Czech labor market and reducing related administrative complexities. The changes must still gain approval from the Senate, the upper house of parliament, and the president to become law.

The lower house has redefined the concept of illegal employment to facilitate better enforcement of the prohibition on such practices. Additionally, it has updated the definition of covert intermediation of illicit employment.

While current regulations primarily categorize long-term job placements as illegal, the new amendment lessens the importance of employment duration.

The proposal places the onus on employment agencies to cover administrative expenses related to violations of their obligations. Moreover, it refines the criteria for revoking an agency's license, shifting this authority from the Labor Office headquarters to the Ministry of Labor.

The deposit required when applying for job vacancy intermediation permits will be increased from half a million to one million Czech crowns. The rationale for this adjustment is that the current deposit amount often proves insufficient to cover unpaid health and social insurance fees.


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Furthermore, employment agencies will be required to specify the location of their offices in their applications.

Agencies will also be mandated to provide more comprehensive data, including regular reports detailing the number of individuals assigned to different sectors and professions. Such data is presently lacking. Foreign agencies that send workers to the Czech Republic will face similar reporting requirements.

The amendment also outlines that employees hired for a predetermined period through agencies cannot be dismissed suddenly. Instead, employees must receive notice of their impending dismissal at least two weeks in advance.

A significant alteration is the relaxation of requirements for work permits, employee cards, and blue cards for many foreign workers. This will provide authorities with greater flexibility when deciding labor market access for individuals from specific countries, considering the current labor market situation.

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