Carp, turkey, both, or neither? Tell us what’s on your holiday menu in Czechia

We'd like to hear from you: Has your Christmas plate evolved since moving to the Czech lands? Staff

Written by Staff Published on 20.12.2023 13:07:00 (updated on 20.12.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

Bony carp can be tough to stomach and is often one of the least favorite dishes on the holiday menu for foreigners living in the country and increasingly for Czechs themselves.

A recent survey found that most foreigners prefer schnitzel over carp, which 40 percent of respondents found "disgusting."

Sixty percent of respondents to the same survey indicated a distaste for carp soup. Potato salad, however, is a firm favorite and was universally relished by those polled.

We're interested in learning how your holiday culinary traditions may have evolved since moving to the Czech Republic. Has your holiday cooking from your own country blended with local Czech traditions over the years? Have you adapted new ingredients or techniques or created something new entirely?

IS COST A FACTOR? The traditional Czech Christmas Eve dinner for a family of four has surged 16 percent to CZK 852 this year, marking the priciest yuletide feast since 1989, reveals an eToro study. Examining key ingredients for the customary Czech Christmas meal—fish soup with fried carp and pork or chicken schnitzels with potato salad—the research notes global price inflation has slowed, but costs are still rising. In the Czech Republic, carp and pork prices spiked 48 percent, while chicken prices shot up 56 percent. France has the costliest Christmas dinner at nearly CZK 2,000, while Romania boasts the cheapest at CZK 429, with a marginal 0.2 percent increase in prices.

What dishes from your home country do you still enjoy preparing for Christmas and have any new favorites inspired by Czech recipes been incorporated into your celebrations?

We'd love to hear about any blended traditions that now regularly appear on your table during the season, combining influences from your home culture and your adopted home here in the Czech Republic. 

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