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Ryan Scott

Written by Ryan Scott Published on 06.12.2010 12:30:47 (updated on 06.12.2010) Reading time: 5 minutes

Prague abounds in cafes and cukránas. Most of them offer hot chocolate. Some are decent; some are more reminiscent of heated chocolate sauce. To help you get your wintry chocolate fix we’ve compiled this list after having visited a couple of dozen outlets in Prague.

The criteria for a good hot chocolate changed through the tasting. Personally, I prefer milky hot chocolate but was converted to the thicker variety at a few places. Two conditions were non-negotiable: temperature and taste.  The drink had to be hot – not burn the palate off hot, but hot enough to stay warm after the first mouthful. And it had to taste of chocolate. With those two conditions in mind I set out to the best places for hot chocolate in Prague – or at least some of them.

St TropezGold Medal
Dům U Nováků Vodičkova 30, Prague 1

This hot chocolate is simply great; it must have something to do with the fact that they also make chocolate in this store. The chocolate is maybe a bit richer than the other places, something I don’t mind since I’m a fan of dark chocolate, and this drink has the richness while being smooth and easy to sip. The cafe itself is quite stylish.
Cost: 80 CZK; Whipped cream is an extra 10 CZK

LeonidasSilver Medal
Prague Main Train Station, Lower Concourse, plus other locations

Another place that gets the blend of milk and chocolate right. Being a chocolatier they use the real deal in their drink, so the hot chocolate is rich without being sickly sweet.  They also serve a white and a caramel version. One drawback is that there is not much room to sit down in the shop.
Cost: 77 CZK in the store, 39 CZK take away from the stall in the main train station.

EbelBronze Medal
Templová 7, Prague 1 plus other locations

The people at Ebel melt down real dark chocolate and mix it with steam milk. What more can you ask for? Okay, maybe a second helping because the serving is not as big as other places, but it is decent for the price. They also offer hot chocolate with cardamom and cinnamon for 15 CZK extra.
Plus the staff is friendly and the vibe in the place is laid back.
Cost: 40 CZK


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Runners Up:

Bake Shop
Kozí 1, Prague 1

This trendy cafe with all manner of baked goods offers up a generously sized mug hot chocolate. It’s prepared with steam milk, so it’s frothy as well as warm. It doesn’t come with any added extras. However, the cafe is good place to sit and people-watch as you cradle your drink.
Cost: 80 CZK

Míšeňská  10, Prague One, The Lesser Quarter

Tucked away just around the corner from Charles Bridge, this cafe offers a good example of the European style, i.e. hot liquid chocolate with the right texture and temperature. They offer a range of flavor including white and dark with hazelnut and, adventurously, paprika. Whipped cream is an extra 8 CZK.
Cost: 48 CZK

Káva Káva Káva
Národní 37 (In the courtyard) and near Anděl metro

Admittedly, this is not as much of a standout as the others. But it’s good for its price. The temperature was right and it was chocolaty enough. The atmosphere in the cafe  is laid back and friendly. You don’t feel rushed to finish.
Cost: 30 CZK (Small), 40 CZK (Medium), 50 CZK (Large)

Národní 22, Prague 1

This historical café, meeting place of such luminaries as Karel Čapek, knows how to make a good hot chocolate for a reasonable price. The chocolate comes quite thick and is also made from real chocolate. Best of all, it was really really warm when it arrived.
Cost: 46 CZK. Whipped cream is 6 CZK extra.

Mama’s Coffee
Rumanská 26 (Entrance is around the corner off Londýnská)

They use real chocolate drops, Fair Trade of course, in this socially sound treat. Because it’s real chocolate, the drink just has a hint of bitterness without being overpowering. It’s served in a cappuccino style with a bit of froth and choclate sprinkles on top. The serving is not as big as some, but it’s good for the price. Moreover, Mama’s Coffee has a good vibe as well as a good conscience.
Cost: 44 CZK.

Mánesova 89

Vinohrady´s French patisserie has a fairly familiar version of the drink. That is, it´s quite milky, though it´s served at a good temperature. The classic could be a tad more chocolaty. The Chocolat chaud Origine – made from 70% cocoa and served with orange ismore to my taste, though I´m not sure about the orange mix.
Cost: 49 CZK for the Classic; 70 CZK for the Chocolat chaud Origine.


Vodičkova 31, Prague 1

This first republic institution is a pretty classy joint. Apart from providing a sophisticated atmosphere for sweet-tooths, they know how to make a hot chocolate. Rich and hot, their beverage is also the thick variety, definitely one to slurp with a spoon. Plus the cream is real cream, which comes at no extra cost. It is a bit pricey, since you’re paying for the setting too.
Cost: 70 CZK.

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate
Václavské náměstí 40, Prague 1 plus many other locations

If hot chocolate for you means something quite milky with a very generous mound of whip cream on the top, then this is the beverage for you. The mix of chocolate and milk is spot on and so is the temperature. One drawback is that it is pricey. Apart from the Signature Hot Chocolate are caramel and hazelnut varieties. The generous amount of cream comes at no added cost.
Cost: Signature: 75 CZK (Tall), 95 CZK (Grande), 110 (Venti); Hazelnut or Caramel: 95 CZK (Tall), 105 CZK (Grande), 120 CZK (Venti).

Viva! Prague
Celetná 10, Old Town, Prague 1

This drink is for the hardcore chocoholic. For the price you get a large shot of molten chocolate goodness, either dark or milk. It might not be much but it doesn’t matter – it’s a chocolate bath for your tongue. There are no seats in the store but it’s close to the Old Town square. This hot chocolate is a lot better than the stuff they serve at the stalls there. It does require a spoon.
Cost: 55 CZK

Now, while I recover from the chocolate overload, please let us know what are your favorite places for a hot chocolate in Prague.

Update (16.12):

Choco café u Červené židle – Readers’ Pick
Liliová 4, Old Town Prague 1

Given that it is such a firm favorite with so many of you, it’s only right that we include it. The hot chocolate is pretty much chocolate: hot not to mention smooth, rich and thick. Because they use real chocolate, it has quite a kick. In fact (at least for this reviewer) one serving is enough to keep you choc(k)ed up for a week. Definitely another place for hard-core chocoholics. On top of the pure chocolate experience they offer a whole range of variations, including with coconut milk, chilli, fruits and spirits. Check out their menu for the full selection.
Cost: 55 CZK for the standard. Whipped cream is 4 CZK extra.

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