Asian Dining in Prague

A round-up of local Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 24.04.2009 18:09:11 (updated on 24.04.2009) Reading time: 5 minutes

Dim Sum? Kim Chi? Sushi? There seems to be five Čínská restauraces on every block. While you will find some neighborhood gems; you may also find indigestion. They are cheap and filling; and, be honest; on occasion the aroma wafting through the doors may entice you in. But more often than not they should be termed “Czechese;” not all that authentic and heavily modified for the local palate. Let´s see what other places we can find. This article will focus on Chinese, Japanese and Korean venues – we´ll look at other cuisines from the region in future articles. Pass the chop sticks and don´t forget the fortune cookie!

Prague 1
China Fusion ( is located in the Světozor Pasáž. Well-presented food and nice interiors make this a fairly upscale place. Menu includes fried beef with oyster sauce, Cantonese-style duck with plum sauce and Sichuan style tofu. Macao ( has been around more than 15 years, so that should give it some credibility. Sweet and sour pork, Guo-Ba with seafood, Ma-Po Dou fu and a variety of fried rice and ramen are there for your perusal. Hanabi Hibachi House ( is a relative newcomer, opening within the last two years. They offer table top cooking so great for the DIY crowd. They have an ala carte menu as well as Shabu Shabu, Teppanyaki and Sukiyaki. Finish off with a scoop of green tea and soybean ice cream. Hanabi´s sister venue is the Yami Sushi House ( Their Fusion Rolls include such tasties as the French Kiss Roll and the Double Bubble Roll. Nigiri sushi, Sashimi, Hoso Maki, Temaki and Chirachi are also available.

Made in Japan ( sounds authentic enough and offers Nigiri and Maki sushi as well as other dishes like chicken and noodles with a Japanese teriyaki sauce and tempura soba. Beware; there´s a per person cover charge that includes a small starter, chop sticks, wasabi and soy sauce. Inside Palladium don´t forget Makakiko (,) the place with the conveyor belt sushi bar. Technically called “Running Sushi” you sit and pick a dish you want as it passes by. Other possibilities in Prague 1 include Canton (Saská 520/3) in Malá Strana; Ju Le Yuan (Jungmannova 746/26) and Perly Asie (Elišky Krásnohorské 133/11.)

Prague 2
Fu Long (Náměstí Miru 3) and Dong-Hai (Jaromírova 174/46) are just two Chinese options in Prague 2. Miyabi ( is a Japanese joint offering Nigiri sushi, Sashimi and Japanese plates such as kamo and tofu teriyaki. Live music in the form of a shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player is offered every third Tuesday of the month. You don´t have to sing for your sushi at Be kara ok (😉 this karaoke bar has a separate sushi and Saki bar too. The menu includes traditional and fusion sushi plus classic izakaya specialties. Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed in stylish surroundings at Samurai ( Taste their Makimono, Nigiri sushi, Sashimi or a sushi set. They do take-away and delivery too and have a happy hour daily from 4-6pm. Read our review of Samurai here:

Prague 3
Mei Shi Ge (Slavíkova 18) promises traditional Chinese cuisine in Žižkov. At Koněvova 18 you can try Yang zi jisng. For sushi here, you may want to hit the mall. Sushi Point ( has outposts in Flóra, plus Myslbek; Anděl’s City, Radlická 1b and at the Hotel Mánes in Prague 2 at Myslíkova 20. They also have a non-smoking restaurant at U Kanálky 14.

Prague 4
We´ll included Rickshaw, located in the Corinthia Towers Hotel ( here – although they call themselves an Oriental restaurant and offer Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine. For the office folk out in Chodov, some happiness may be found at Štestí ( Sichuan chicken, Gong Bao pork and cheap prices.

Prague 5
What´s up with all the sushi sites in Prague 5? Nagoya ( is a sparse Japanese place with the usual sushi rolls on offer. Bonus: They have a non-smoking section. Sushi Bar ( has rated some kudos from local fans. Bring a friend and order one of their Sushi Bar Boats; a selection of sushi for two or four people served in a wooden boat. This place really does only sushi, so make sure you´re in the mood for a couple of rolls. Need more choices here – how about Planet Sushi (

Tiantan´s ( address is Prague 5, but they are at Ujezd 5. Chef´s specialties include the Happy Family of Tiantan, Eight Treasures in Chili Sauce and Chinese-style curry veal. On the whole, the menu is quite extensive with a variety of options in the beef, chicken, pork vegetable and fish categories. Near the Movenpick Hotel is Gozen ( They offer both dinner sets (items include Chinese Gozen, Sushi Gozen and Osashimi Gozen, all come with salad, dessert and a couple of sides) and ala carte, where you can choose tori karaage or tempura udon. Beware: Karaoke is free.

Prague 6
Inside the Prahatel Hotel you´ll find a Korean restaurant, Kimchi ( Feast on favs like Kim Chi, Du Bu, Bul Go Gai and Bi Bam Bap. Friendly folks here – bring your own Tupperware for take-away later in the week. Katsura ( offers up fresh and flavorful Sashimi, sushi and yakimono. They also have Bento Boxes to go.

Prague 7
Letenské náměstí is home to Hong Kong; ( a nice place with cloth napkins. Spring rolls, steamed dumplings, beef Chop Suey, chicken kong-pao and Szechuan soup with noodles all make the menu.

Prague 8
There are three Sushi House ( locations; the main restaurant is in Karlín. On offer there is a variety of sushi menus, and they do take-away. The other two locations are a take-away only stand in Světozor Pasáž, and a sit-down/take-away spot inside Galerie Fénix in Vysočany.

Prague 10
Huang He ( is often regarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. You can taste the flavor in their Dou-fu with Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots, Hunan chicken and sesame balls.

Finally out in Průhonice, you can get a sushi fix at Tamura ( Looking a bit like an English pub; with a couple Japanese statues on the bar, the menu includes Sashimi, Carpaccio and of course lots of sushi. For a Prague Asian experience, hit Sapa for food and fun. Read more about it here: If you feel like creating your own Asian atmosphere, swing by either Japa Shop ( in Prague 6 or Thai´s Asian Food Shop ( in Prague 2 for great selections of ingredients and spices. Fresh seafood can be found in Prague 5 courtesy of the Seafood Shop ( International food sections at stores like Tesco and Albert often have more basic ingredients (read: soy sauce.)

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