A new grocery delivery option for Czechia: How does Billa rate?

The grocery store chain officially launched its home delivery service throughout the Czech Republic yesterday.

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 07.03.2023 14:00:00 (updated on 07.03.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Billa customers in Prague and Brno can now shop online thanks to the supermarket chain’s new e-shop, which officially launched a pilot phase on Monday. After evaluating the testing phase, the grocery store plans to expand the service throughout Czechia.

In a press release, the Austria-owned chain wrote that shoppers can choose from up to 7,000 items, with delivery guaranteed within three hours of ordering.

During the test phase of the e-shop customers can order meat, dairy, produce, bread, and other grocery items, ready-made meals, baguettes, drugstore goods, flowers, and pet supplies. The minimum order for delivery is CZK 200.

"Our vision is to be more accessible to customers so that everyone who wants to shop with us can find their favorite Billa around the corner. That is why we strive to expand our network in the long term in order to fulfill this vision," Liam Casey, CEO of Billa Česká republika, said in a press release.

We tried Billa's delivery service and here's how it compares to other grocery e-shops:

➕ For Billa the minimum amount for delivery orders is CZK 200 compared to Rohlík (CZK 750 or CZK 100 for orders sent to the pick-up point), Košík (minimum amount for delivery orders is CZK 600), Tesco (minimum amount for order delivery is 700 CZK, orders less than this are charged an additional CZK 80).
➕ Currently has free delivery (maximum order size is 50 kg).
➕ When one of your items isn’t available you get a small Billa-branded gift (e.g. chocolate). You can also collect loyalty points.
➕ You can filter foods by region and purchase regional products; there is a discounted section of products with an expiration date of up to 1-3 days upon delivery (50 percent off).
➖ Billa is generally above-average price-wise among the five biggest supermarket chains in Czechia: Tesco, Albert, Lidl, Penny.
➖ The selection of grocery items at 7,000 isn’t that big compared to other grocery e-shops.
➖ Rohlík delivery time is faster, while Košík and Rohlík both have more time slots (available 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily versus Billa's 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. For comparison Tesco delivers from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.).
➖ You can only pay via card and in advance, not on the spot. Rohlík allows you to pay by card or cash upon delivery, and Košík allows you to pay card, cash, or stravenky (meal vouchers issued by employer) upon delivery. Tesco only accepts cards but you can pay the delivery person.

Currently, e-shop orders are filled from warehouses in Prague and Brno. Groceries are delivered by the DoDo logistics service.

After trial operation and evaluation of customer feedback, Billa will proceed to launch live operation. "Once we pass the testing phase, we will aim to launch as quickly as possible in the rest of the Czech Republic," Casey said.

The first Billa supermarket opened in Brno in 1991. Tesco was the first of the large chains to offer delivery of food ordered via the Internet, a service has been in operation since the beginning of 2012. It competes mainly with the specialized "online supermarkets" Rohlík.cz and Košík.cz, the latter of which has been cooperating with Kaufland since 2020.

Delivery in Czechia is also provided by Albert (Brno, Ostrava, and Olomouc only), Penny (Pilsen only), Coop (South Moravia), and Lidl (non-food items). The Globus chain offers delivery service in Prague's Zličín district and Ostrava.  

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